Not spending is the skill, spending is not the skill

I was scrolling down my timeline looking at the IG of my favorite football players and couldn’t help but see a bunch of young men that have it now and likely wont have it later.

It is cool to look at them ball out and drive Rolls Royces but a better thing would be to turn that massive income into permanent passive income. Stats show that 78% of NFL players are broke two years after they leave the league and 60% of nba players are broke.

See anyone can spend money. It doesn’t take a genius to spend money. I think that frugality should be more coveted than it is in our society.  In our culture we look down on the saver and applaud the person who is rapidly going broke.

I have people look at my old ugg loafers and say eww buy new ones.  I have my mom telling me to buy new this or new that and all of it sounds good and feels good but a lot of things that are detrimental sound good and feel good.  Almost everything that sounds good and feels good is not good for you.

This is when I realized that saving money is a skill.  The better you are at saving the more financially buff you will be.  This is important because we tend to applaud the loser in life who is the person spending it all and spending it fast just like these nfl athletes.

I was once once of those guys.  I would spend spend spend spend spend. I thought I was cool but I was actually broke.  I had no financial security. If I got fired I immediately went into financial crisis.  This made me the jobs punk. That is not an empowering position to be in, but I had them Jays and Gucci shades though.

Everyone talks about this idea of not watching your pennies but to instead focus on income. This sounds good but its not correct. To win you have to both watch your pennies AND increase your income.

Just like winning in the gym is both eating and exercise, winning financially is both not spending and massive earnings. You don’t get to spend spend just because your income is up.  Not spending is is the skill, spending is not the skill.

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