Why you must choose yourself

On this weeks episode of the podcast we do a deep dive on the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.  During that discussion I make the point that RDPD is a book that actually makes you resent employment in favor of entrepreneurship.

Growing up I always admired entrepreneurs.  I admired them because their income was limitless.  They didn’t wait on raises, they didn’t have glass ceilings, they could make as much money as they wanted.  Knowing at a  young age from driving around wealth neighborhoods, shopping at high end malls and eating at  high end restaurants I knew this was the life that I always wanted, one of limitless income so I could truly enjoy the good life.

I realized recently that the reason why this income is limitless is because you have a limitless customer base.  In business your income is only limited to the amount of people that you can serve not the amount of hours you work.

This is important.  It is important because on your job you are only giving your skills to one person.  In entrepreneurship you give your skills to the world.

What is more, one person or billions of people?

So what is stopping you?

What stops most people is their fear that they aren’t good enough.  Having a job allows you to loaf off and not be as tight as you would be standing on your own two.  I have a secret to tell you though, when you put yourself out there and stand on your own two you will truly see what you can do.  You have the ability to be as thorough as the owner, you just have to put yourself in the same shoes as the owner.

Another thing is perfection.  Stop worrying about perfection. Many of us think we have to be perfect with the perfect product before we present it to the world and that just isn’t true. This is what school teaches you.  This is what employees do. This is drilled into our head at a young age and it keeps you strapped with this false belief that you must be perfect or else you will get an F or you will be fired but entrepreneurship doesn’t work like that.

What you need is a minimum viable product that you can then market to the masses and then reinvest your gains to improve the quality.  Launch, generate revenue, reinvest, refine, launch again.

You are literally robbing your kids of wealth by limiting yourself to a day job.  You job wouldn’t pay you if keeping you wasn’t profitable. That excess profit should belong to your kids not their kids.  We always speak on how spending money at their stores makes them richer and your community poorer where working at their firms makes their community richer and yours poorer. They pay you $40 and hour and bill you out at $120 and hour, the margin goes towards $40 on the overhead (which could be commercial real estate you own that is being paid down) and then $40 that they get paid for doing nothing.  You get one third of what you are worth because you want safety and security.

Choose yourself season never died.  It is still alive and well and as long as America is America it will always be here.  I encourage you to choose you not choose them in hopes that they choose you.  You are more than enough, you are more than skilled and what you don’t have you can and will learn via experience.

You must choose yourself because having a job is the opposite of diversification.  Choosing yourself allows you to multiply the amount of checks you have coming in which is a safer bet than the one person economy that is your job.

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Thanks for reading!

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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