Stop worrying about getting out of debt and start worrying about getting rich

One of the number one questions I get from newby investors is whether they should pay off their debt before they start investing.  The quick and dirty answer is start investing now and pay off debt later.  Stop chasing zero and start chasing millions.  This blog will discuss why I think you should invest now and worry about  your debt later.

The rich are not debt free

People invest because they want to be rich.  They want to have more than enough.  I don’t know when more than enough and debt free became synonymous but they are not one in the same.  The rich are not debt free.

If your goal is to be like the rich not like the people who aren’t rich but who think they have all the answers on being rich then you need to invest now. You need to put all you time, energy, effort and capital behind your efforts to get massively wealthy.  This means you have to invest with purpose and aggressively chase wealth not just passively throw money into your 401k in hopes that there is enough there when you get ready to die.

The important part here though is that if you want to get rich but you think rich equals debt free then you are foolish.  The very reason they call it net worth is because there is debt.  The net factors it in the debt.  They don’t measure actual worth they measure net worth because the massively wealthy don’t get there using their own money.  They want you to use your own money but they specialize in OPM and that is what allows their wealth to scale.  If they didn’t wait until they were debt free to invest why should you?


In life your income and net worth is an indication of your value to society. Everyone asks me “how can I learn how to trade like you”.  Answer: Put in ten years worth of work and mistakes, that is how.  I have been investing for ages and I am just now seeing the light and making substantial profits that have allowed me to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do through saving and working hard.  There have been days that I earn more in a day than I earn all month working a job, but I didn’t take a course and get it.  I didn’t get some tips and get it.  I started investing and feeling out the market.  I learned by doing.

If you wait until all the stars align all you will do is wait.  Tomorrow never comes.  Many people put off investing because they don’t want to lose money.  Well if you are spending money on vacations and Jordans you are already losing money.  Why not lose while you learn instead of just losing getting likes?

The skills you gain by investing, losing, learning and sharpening your sword come with time and the longer you wait chasing zero on a statement the further back you push back your learning and as a result your wealth.  The reason you should invest NOW is so you can become the person you need to be sooner because you started sooner instead of putting it off.  The skills alone are worth the ROI or the credit card interest.

Investing is what allows you to pay off your debt

This is my favorite one.  I love it because I always use the example of whether you would pay off debt before getting a job. No, dummy, the job allows you to get out of debt.  It would be wise to put your money out there to create income that allows you to pay off your debt as opposed to waiting years to be student loan free, attached to some silly job that pays  you less than you are worth while demeaning your skills so they can avoid paying what you are worth.

You are holding yourself back.  That investment income from your property, stocks, business, etc will far surpass anything a job can pay you but what is more important is that it is limitless, it never stops and the skills will allow you to make even more the following year.  There is no nobility in employment.

Instead of slaving away to pay off your debt, ignore the debt (keep it current) and increase your income and investments massively.  Then you use that passive income, capital gains, etc that you gained from your deals and liquidate your debt.  One flip alone could cancel out your debt.  One rental property alone could make your student loan payment for you.  That is how we have to learn to think. We create assets that handle our obligations as opposed to using our labor to handle our obligations.


The key takeaway here is that there is only so many hours in your life and only so many hours you can sell for money.  You can use that money chasing debt or you can use it aggressively chasing freedom.  Once you catch freedom its your moral oblation to extinguish and/or keep current your debt. But I think we have the game flipped upside its head.  Too many of us are chasing the number zero when we need to be chasing millions. Invest first and invest hard.  Throw your windfalls at your investments.  Throw your refund and bonuses at your investments and as you get gains make sure to throw those at more investments.  In ten years you will be on a yacht chilling while your friends are posting screenshots of the loans they slaved away to pay off.

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