The Tesla Roadster and Big Baller Brand

I was watching a Tone Talks episode where he was breaking down Big Baller Brand and hating on what they were building because they were attempting to build and not just sit around doing nothing, talking about the problem and waiting for the government to save them.

I was taken back at the lack of faith in our abilities as a people but I was more upset with the fact that everything we try to do to elevate us Tone Talks shows up to crab it out.  Tone Talks and Yvette are the ultimate crabs. They are also naive to the wealth that has ALREADY been created by black business owners and investors.

America is not America because of the free things we provide for our citizens. Every country has programs for the poor.  America isn’t great because you can protest and complain, there are other countries that allow you the right to protest and complain.  America is great because no matter what  you are born into you can rise to the top.  Its possible but its not easy. Too many times we assume that possible means “easy”.  The Bibles says that all things are possible, it doesn’t say all things are easy.

I was on Twitter this morning and I saw an image of the new Tesla Roadster which is the new rendition of the initial car that got Tesla its start.  This new Tesla is top of the line everything, and is setting the bar even higher for competing industries.  What was important a bout this to me is that Tesla’s first roadster was nothing but a Lotus with an electric motor and battery.  It was literally the same car.

Now this is significant because Big Baller Brand made a similar move in their connection with Brand Black.  The very thing that Big Baller Brand was slandered for actually put Tesla on the map.  The problem with social justice warriors is they know social justice but they don’t know business.  They will then shut down an idea like the BBB collab or the Tulsa fund from a place of ignorance not a place of knowledge and contribution.

The thing is that there are people that hate on Tesla.  Tesla has been one of the most shorted companies on the stock market for YEARS.  They are constantly met with doubt, disbelief and slander.  What I take from this is that doubt and disbelief even outright crabbing is not exclusive to Big Baller Brand, Tulsa or black enterprise.  This is just a result of the competitive nature of a capitalistic environment.

One thing I try to get people to understand in regard to race relations is that people are not against you, they are for themselves.  The anti Tesla people are just seeking their best interest which is likely the oil industry and other subsidiary industries.  They have to protect their interest.  They don’t hate Tesla or Elon they just love themselves.

So this post is about multiple things.  It is to show you that nothing that BBB is doing is uncommon to a start up.  It is also to show you that nothing you are going through as a black person with a vision is uncommon to a white, Asian or Hispanic person which a vision to do more than what their community has already done.  I say choose yourself and don’t seek agreement.  Execute in their face.

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