Seeking funding for your business or idea? Here are four things you MUST have in your presentation, by Brandon Jackson

As someone who has worked in the app development space, I have some experience of working with investors and giving presentations. One of the problems I ran into along the way was that I didn’t know what I should include in the presentation deck. So this article is about topics that you should feature and that people (investors) will ask you about. Here are a couple of things you should include in your Pitch Deck.

The problem you’re trying solve and the solution (your product).

This sets the tone for your presentation and your idea. If you can, try to make the problem as relatable as possible. Be specific with the problem as well, addressing a problem that’s too generic doesn’t really provide a lot of value. This is where you get to go into detail on what your product is all about. Take your time and pick the most important talking points and thoroughly explain the how to use your product or app.

Revenue Model

Everyone is interested in how your idea is going to make money. It’s your job to make this part of your presentation as clean and as full-proof as possible. Emphasize all the streams of revenue and don’t be shy. Your goal is to make everyone in that room feel like there’s no way to lose. Tread to the more conservative side as well because if you are too optimistic it will turn investors off.

Timeline for additional funding.

This is one that wasn’t intuitive to me but it’s important and it comes up often. Take some time to truly think about where your business is going and where you’ll be in a 5-10 year period. After that consider the money that you’ll need in order to scale the business and make a slide discussing all of the variables. Think big as investors don’t want to allocate resources to small projects, they’re looking for the next big thing in most cases.

Pro Forma

You must make projections about how your business will do in a financial state. Be sure to make them realistic as well because investors will challenge you on this. Take into account the realistic scaling any business would experience as well as additional streams of revenue. Also, be sure to look up case studies and get an accurate estimate of how much expenses will be. Luckily, many people have done this before so there are a lot of resources out there. Lastly utilize Google, the search engine can really help you find exactly what you’re looking for regarding expenses and potential cost as well as average startup financials.

Hopefully this helps you on your journey of acquiring funds from investors across the nation. Visit if you’re in need of writing services!


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