You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in america? This is how they did it

A while ago I read a book called the Jewish phenomenon. That book outlines all of the reasons why Jews do well in America.  Those obvious reasons are that they choose professional careers or entrepreneurship, they value reading and education, they are prudently frugal and they believe that investing in someones business is more noble than merely giving them money.  There are a ton of eye opening messages in the book but this post will focus on the Jay Z song.  Here are the reasons Jay and I believe that they own all the property in America.

Financial freedom the only hope

“Yall think money is the solution to everything” – chick on twitter.  No, the Bible thinks that money is the solution to everything. my favorite scripture is Ecclesiastes 10:19 which states “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.”

Jews were persecuted and massacred, they were thrown into concentration camps and burned alive.  The people that were able to escape where those with money.  Not those with stuff, but cash.

Cash saves lives, cash keeps family together, cash saves communities. Cash, aka financial freedom, is your literal freedom.

If we are going to get free we must engage in the retention of cash at the expense of all things else.  This includes fun, partying, vacations, shoes, alcohol, clothing, dating and living a life of luxury.

Sacrificing all of the above in order to  pursue financial freedom is priority number one.

What is financial freedom? Financial freedom is a lot of things.  Financial freedom is when your passive exceeds your living expenses.  Financial freedom is also when you have a paid off home and a paid off car.  Financial freedom is when you work because you want to not because you have bills to pay. The thing is that it really only takes you five years to get financially free.  Five years of hard work, sacrifice and intelligence can knock out your mortgage and get you free.

Paying off your mortgage is key because you always have to have a place to live.  That is a needs based business and that is why they charge as much as they do.  There are certain “needs based” businesses like shelter, food, water and utilities that are just great businesses because people have to have them. There is no choice.

A paid of house will liberate you. Most of us spend over 50% of our incomes on housing. divorcing yourself from this gives you freedom to work differently which increases your happiness and your free cash flow.  It only takes five years.

I want you to take it a step further and start acquiring homes for the sake of acquiring them and using the cashflow to pay down the debt.  The reason why Jews win is because they invest first and consume later.  We on the other hand spend first and then try to fit investing in.  Just like healthy people are those who eat veggies and fit in cheat days, wealthy people are those that put investing first and fit in a few cheat items.  If you live for the cheat you will be financially out of shape.  If you live for the gym and eating right you will be financially fit. It all comes down to priorities.

Eff living rich and dying broke 

This right here is close to my heart because I used to be this person.  For the longest time I thought that looking like money was a prerequisite for having money.  I spent all my money on the flyest of everything making sure I looked like I was balling.  I owned little investments but I looked balling.

My life changed when I got around a Jewish attorney who drove an old Honda but was loading up on real estate in Los Angeles.  I then learned more about wealth when I worked at the bank in private banking and saw how the average people had all the money but the young black kids who came in shining were bouncing checks and living by the skin of their teeth.

I learned even more at the firm I am at now, where the owner generates massive quantities of wealth but lives in the same house he bought for 40k, drives the same Lexus that is 10+ years old and does million dollar deals at 70+ for his grand kids.  This man is Jewish as well.

I came to realize that its not about living rich its about being rich.  When you are rich but don’t look rich, you have no problems.  When you look rich but aren’t rich, all you have is problems. 

I immediately stopped buying junk, stopped fawning over watches, stopped fawning over newer cars and stopped rushing to take a vacation and started stacking.  I was able to stash a ton of money in just a few months.  That money has gone on to double in value in my stock account and is now being funneled into my real estate projects.  This money now generates more money.  The money I was spending on stuff, actually goes out and brings back more money.  I flipped the game on its head but I had to sacrifice looking rich to actually get on the path of becoming.

If we want to win financially we can’t casually approach wealth. We have to treat it as if our hair is on fire. It has to be priority number one.  Even behind your vacations and play play.

If you are interested in investing with our club on either the stock or real estate side we would be happy to welcome you into the partnership.  Email today to join.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire



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