Compound Flashy Stuff

What would  you say if I told you that Louis Bag or that Gucci Belt could retire you if you put that money to work?  You would call me crazy.  No way $1,000 could set both you and your family up for generations.  This is the kind of thinking that causes us to blow that $1,000 instead of stashing it and putting it to work.  As Jay Morrison would say “we don’t know enough about enough”. We really don’t know that power of our money.  Because we don’t see the value in it we have no problem destroying it.  That is exactly what we do. We destroy our money.

$1,500 problems

I was having a conversation with my mom about a young man who couldn’t further his undergraduate education because he owed a balance of $1500 to his school and they had a registration hold on him.  Had his family held off on the Gucci and Jordans they would have the free cash to put toward his advancement.  Unfortunately, every free dollar we get tends to get thrown away.  We don’t value the dollar we only value what the dollar can bring us.  We have to learn to value the preservation of money as much as we value spending it.  

This is the power of your dollar.  When you look at life in relation to what you can do right now you will always take your money for granted.  When you see the bigger picture you realize that a $1,000 nest egg could have kept that young man in school which would have drastically changed his life from the level of friends he develops, the career path he can now place himself on and even the level of women he would meet on campus as opposed to in the club wth other drop outs.

The problem is that if most of us had a $1000 problem we wouldn’t be able to solve it.  We would then be forced to go to a payday lender or some other destructive financial institution.  That only pushes people further into the hole.  Your $1,000 dollar problem just turned into a $2,000 problem.  A better way is to deny yourself and stack.  I know you all are tired of me saying this but my financial condition changed when I started collecting money at the expense of collecting stuff where before I collected stuff and didn’t collect money.  For the longest time I just didn’t see the value in saving money when I could be enjoying my money right now.  Silly silly.  There is no power in enjoying life, there is power in your sacrifice. 

“even if you have enough to stack and enjoy life, don’t. get back in the lab. there is more money to be made”

There is power in your money

There is power in your money and that money compounds.  There is money in your Gucci and the money you spend on that especially as it increases in value compared to the total loss every time you buy something flashy for the gram.  In the above example, that flash and the loss of the $1000 kept him from school, a lost six figure job,  paid off home and the eventual fortune.  All over $1000.  All over some stuff!

So you bags, your shoes, your glasses are someones opportunity. They might be your kids opportunity they might be someone elses kids opportunity but blowing it on the stuff and then sitting around talking about what you don’t have or what you can’t build is irresponsible.

Im speaking from experience. I have bought so much expensive stuff. I have paid for expensive dinners and trips and all that and I realized that at the end of the year, five years later I have nothing to show for it.

Now, I look at a picture of myself in some regular clothes but know I manage and control multiple six figures of assets and en route to millions (I wanted to start small and show that it works).  My personal financial situation has never been stronger but I don’t have a bunch of stuff.  Actually I don’t have ANY stuff despite my mom telling me to upgrade everything.  She knows I have the means but upgrading when she tells me to upgrade is the reason I went from means to no means.  It is like the concept in the book slight edge.  We often times sacrifice to get what we want then when we get what we want we circle back to the bad habits that made us have to sacrifice in the first place.  A better way is to sacrifice when you don’t have to sacrifice.  This helps you not just get success but keep it. 

There is no secret to how Jews win financially. They don’t spend money on dumb stuff.  They will let you know that they don’t either.  Gary V is not bashful when he says the quickest way to not own the business is to buy the product from that business.  Its an actual fact.  I look at people who make as much as me or less than me living better than me and I think “you realize that if we make the same but you spend all yours and I spend none that I am getting wealthier while you are getting poorer?” We don’t realize that though because we think that spending a lot of money means you have a lot of money.  WRONG.  Stop falling for that trick.  It is just a way to keep making corporations richer and your family poor.

There is a certain level of self confidence that comes when you know you can’t ever lose even if on the outside you look like you are. Don’t believe me? Get around some true bosses.  Not the CEO or the manager at your firm. They are employes. Look at the actual dude writing the checks. Its easier to become a check writer than it is to climb up someone else’s ladder. 

Your money is a seed. 

Putting aside that $1000 from your bag and instead into an asset creates a habit.  That habit encourages you to deny yourself and the brands you think you need and instead go all in on a lifestyle of putting your $1000’s to work going forward as opposed to working against  you.  Whenever you buy a bag or some kicks or take a trip that money goes to zero.  The only thing left you have is the experience it gave you.  The likes it earned you, the hate behind closed doors.

Whenever you drop a grand on something silly you are going backwards when that same $1000 could be lumped together with other people, it could be stacked on your own and leveraged into a bigger future either using debt or group economics.

Its like Lisa Phillips says, there is equity all around you in the things you have accumulated over the  years.  If you REALLY want to get started investing at a high level you can do it by selling the trinkets you have around you.  But you have to really want it.

Even if you have money, if you deny yourself the image of money there are no limits to the wealth you can achieve.  Just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to spend it. I see people with long money spending money on private planes and other unnecessary things and it just looks foolish.  We can’t afford to overpay for things that serve no other purpose but to look good to other people.

If you are getting to the money now then load up on more assets. Accumulate more businesses but please, do not go flashy on us.  It is probably the silliest thing you can do.  Eff living rich and dying broke.

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Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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