Tulsa Real Estate Fund: We must be willing to get uncomfortable and support our own

Today is the launch of the TREF. I planned for this day for a while. When they announced that we could open up accounts I opened up my personal account and the Todd Capital account. When they said we could fund I had second thoughts. Much like the vacation group that thins out the closer the day gets to the time of the trip, I balked when it came time to put the money up.

I thought about the timing. I just paid for the bar, a bar review course and I won’t be working the next two months to study for the exam. The timing was trash for me, but I knew all these things were coming. I couldn’t use that as an excuse.

What do I mean by get uncomfortable? Well for the longest time I told people that they have to inconvenience themselves to support black business. Whenever you tell people to support black business they run through a long list of reasons why they don’t.  That is just stupid.  If you want better for your people you will have to endure something. You will have to endure getting profiled in Neiman Marcus, arrested and beat at Waffle House or you can endure poor customer service, high prices, not so great locations etc etc with your own. Choose your struggle. Are we going to struggle to make them rich or struggle to make ourselves rich? Struggle isn’t going anywhere.   Its not fun, its not convenient and its not comfortable but progress never is. We have to be willing to grind through with our own so years later we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The same is true with investing and putting our money into funds. Yes you might have to drink less Starbucks and buy less Jordans but if you truly want better for your community those are temporary things.  You have to see through the sacrifice for the better. You have to get temporarily uncomfortable for a brighter future.

This blog will discuss some ideas that you might be struggling with and keeping you on the sidelines not investing in TREF or even the Todd Capital Investment Club.

I don’t have the money

The first thing you are probably thinking is that you don’t have the money. Well the lie detector determined that is a lie. What you don’t have in place is a plan. If you make more than $10 an hour you have money to invest. If  you have items in your house that you can sell you have money to invest. If you have a weekend and you have free time to drive uber, or work at a store, you have money to invest.

We have all the things we need. What we need to lose is this mentality that it has to be wrapped neatly in a bow. You might have to do some things you wouldn’t normally want to do but that’s why I called this article uncomfortable. We can do anything we need to do if we are willing to lose our self, get ugly and go get it.

This might mean you need to be less vocal about your situation. Sometimes the things we need to do to get to a goal can be shamed by the community who doesn’t know any better. You might need to work security or deliver pizza. Well don’t tell anyone who will talk you out of it, make fun of you or deem you less than for going to get what you want out of life. Keep your hustle, your struggle and your discomfort to yourself if that helps.

I can get a better ROI on my own

The ROI is the icing on the cake and we have a community that has no cake but a lot of icing (stuff). Our community doesn’t need ROI our community needs our own cities, towns, jobs, and businesses. To me, moving money that I would have otherwise spent on a few meals was more than worth the potential we could build by coming together. To me, I could get a better return on my money in stocks, options or my own real estate projects.  But that would be fleeting, that would be selfish that wouldn’t change the culture and put a dent in history.

The thing is that the ROI with using your money to build as opposed to blow is the ROI of creating black owned everything. The ROI for me is the generational ROI of showing what a bunch of people who contribute a little can do. The ROI is not the money I earn to spend, the ROI is seeing what we can build, filling a gap, and showing people that it is possible.

One thing I tell people who invest in TCIC is that you can’t focus on what we are making. The key is the actions we are taking. Many people are just now learning how to defer gratification, hold long term, intentionally put money away instead of blowing it on IG likes and flash.  Well what I have found is you get just as many likes on your investments as you do your outfits and investments last forever. 

Take your eye OFF the ROI and start putting it on the amount of money you put away and keep away. That is wealth.  Wealth is that old money, that dirty money, the money that brings you new money which then gets turned into old money. Money is timeless, “off-white” is not.

Why am I going to make them rich when I can make myself rich

One thing I had to let go of was the fact that I have my own group and funds.  Another was that Jay ignored my podcast interview request. Again, this fund isn’t about Jay, he is merely the conduit through which this whole thing flows.  This fund is about my people.

This fund is about showing other groups what we can do. This fund is about setting a precedent for other funds, other potential builders, other aspiring entrepreneurs who might think they can’t get started unless some old white man deems them worthy and writes a check. Tulsa Real Estate fund is everything that I stand for.

Get over yourself, stop being selfish, sacrifice yourself for the whole.

One thing I admire about other cultures is their selflessness and sacrifice. They aren’t trying to stunt on eachother they are trying to stunt on other groups. The individual approach we take to everything is the reason we are dead last.  Until we come together and move as a group we will continue to get slaughtered by those that move as a group.

Im comfortable where I am

In order to get what you never have you have to get uncomfortable. Your comfort is the reason why you are where you are right now. Where you are is comfortable.

Whenever we start talking about financial progress in the community people talk abut what they don’t have, what they can’t do and whats not possible. That is only true from the current level of comfort you exist in.

You have things you can sell, you can work extra hours, you can forego that trip or that luxury. You have the money. The question is are you willing to sacrifice those things to get a life you protest for? Everyone says they don’t want to be gentrified or they don’t want to be oppressed but they aren’t willing to get uncomfortable to do it. This is why I bash protesting and hash tagging, it is convenient activism. It is easy to stand on the corner, it is easy to tell other people to change an accommodate. Well its time we rise up and be the change.

We have to stop trying to change other people. When it comes to seeking business funding or real estate funding people want their VCs to fund our business. They want their companies to hire our people. They want their developers to improve our communities.  What about being the VC? What about being the business owner? What about being the developer?  That is the more empowering stance and that is the more wealth oriented posture.

I was listening to a podcast today about a guy who went to jail and while in jail he took ownership. He knew he messed up and instead of blaming the system or the unfair laws or the man he took accountability, served his ten year sentence and now he is a successful real estate investor.

Accountability is a super power. Accountability puts you on the offense. For too long our community has been on the defense. Our community has been reactive. Its time we start going on the offense, owning our flaws, improving our flaws and walking into victory. TREF is that vehicle.  Before I leave you I want to give you two quick points.

You blow the money you could be building with

First, we just went through a holiday. I saw everyone out on vacation, clubbing, wearing new outfits, meanwhile you are the first ones who post memes when Takisha gets arrested. You spent more than the 500 to invest in a fund that improves things for your people on a memorial day weekend turn up.  We have the money. We just have bad habits.

Investing is not spending money

Lastly, investing is not spending. So many of us are in the habit of spending everything that we have in hopes that we get it right back. We see any transmission of money as spending. Investing is not spending, investing is merely putting your money in a different spot, you still have it, it is still yours. If you have an issue with putting money into the club or the fund, odds are you spend too much money and you have a problem.

If you are interested in joining the TREF you can find them at tulsarealestatefund.com

If you are interested in joining the Todd Capital Investment Club you can join us at capitaltodd.com

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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