The spare time that is going to make you wealthy are the three day weekends and holidays we take for granted

This weekend is memorial day weekend. Its time to turn up and relax from all that hard work you have been doing during the week.  Or is it?

I always get on here and talk about using spare time to make yourself wealthy and people hear it and cheer. Yes! Wealth wealth money money.

Then when they get some spare time they use it getting blasted with alcohol and drugs and blowing their capital on vacations and clothes. I thought we were on the same page?

This morning, I have uploaded podcasts, made offers, handled tenant work with a fresh non post commute brain and it has been awesome.  I have the energy to put in the extra work and effort that is going to bring us more deals and more passive income.

See work doesn’t care when you do it the work just cares that it gets done.  Never miss an opportunity to take action and stack bricks.  If you are going to do better than other people (which is basically what success is) you are going to have to work when they party, you have to sacrifice when they splurge.

This is a very popular meme on the internet but when it comes time to put in the work people get amnesia, probably caused by all the alcohol.

This holiday weekend is the free time that you need to get wealthy.  If you want to get wealthy you have to use the holidays, aka the time when the world is on vacation, to stack wood and get further ahead.

Unfortunately, the culture will lead you to believe that this weekend is a time of rest and for that reason those people will continue to make the work a month for a three day weekend trade off that the middle class fall victim to. In a few months it will be the fourth of July and more of the same.

Everyone talks about not having time or balance to build a business or start a brand.  Then when they get the time they turn up.  They need a shift in mindset.  These three days of no work are the days you have been waiting for. Work on your brand.  Take advantage of this time!

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Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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