Outside business activities are a must

Yesterday after walking out of the office I had the joint conference call for both the real estate and stock clubs.  I felt as though there are people who have mixed feelings about what I do off the clock. They don’t say anything but they ask questions and they give me looks.

Old age has taught me to keep outside activities on the low low. It’s never wise to let your boss know that you are an entrepreneur.  Young me would brag about all the great things I am doing outside the office, 30+ me knows that work should stay work, I also know that your coworkers are not your friends. Nevertheless, its also not wise to not have outside activities outside of  your employment. This blog will talk about the what why and how regarding outside activities.

1. Use your spare time to become wealthy 

It is no secret that there is a cap on your income. It does not matter how high that 9-5 cap is, it still exists.  Your spare time is the time after five and after Friday. This is the time that you have to dedicate all your energy and efforts toward your personal enterprises and family wealth.

It blows my mind how many people miss the opportunity to leverage their off hours because this has always been common place in my family. My dad worked his career job and then worked his weekend and evening job.  This is what allowed him to buy his first home.  My mom worked full time and has ALWAYS been in school at night to constantly elevate her career after hearing she needed a degree, then she needed to become a CPA then she needed her masters.  She used her spare time to do what people said she needed to do. I do all the above.  I level up, business up and work up all outside of my job.

This 8 hour workday is something some random person implemented, don’t live by it. If you do 8 hours and take weekends completely off you deserve the middle or lower middle class.

The spare time is a blog all to itself but please, live below your means on the working income then go all in on the spare time income and use that income as capital to blow your life up.

2. Those rules benefit them not you

The rules against outside business activities are there to serve the employer not the employee. The problem is that who is going to serve you? The answer is you are.

The rules against outside business activities are all around you. I experienced them when I was working in banking. I then again experienced them at different law firms. They don’t want you doing anything that would be a conflict of interest, pulling their clients into your pool. The don’t want to expose themselves to liability and in certain instances they want to limit your income flows to the one that they provide you.

When I was at Chase they didn’t let you join investment clubs.  Our investment club has elevated all of us.  When I was at other law firms they prohibit you from taking on your own clients and building your own practice.  These firms and organization act as though they own you. The act as though they are your only source and they want ALL your value dedicated and driven toward them. Your family wealth will suffer if you don’t find a way to break free.

Don’t play small. Instead of asking for a raise, create a raise. Instead of asking for a promotion, give yourself a promotion. Choose yourself. 

3. How do you do it?

Shell companies and entities are the best way to keep things away from you. You don’t want ownership, you want control.  You want the entities that you control to own the things that generate income and flows to you.

Back when I was under fire for my deals I told my boss that having an employee that is entrepreneurial minded is actually a good thing. I proceeded to tell him the things like innovation, leadership, autonomy. Well, for every pro there is a con. For him, having employees that are also interested in business ownership is not something he finds has a higher benefit than a cost.

Since then I shrug off questions about deals, projects and the podcasts. It doesn’t exist within these four walls. Technically I don’t own anything, the entities handle that.

4. You owe it to yourself

You owe it to yourself to do any and all things required to elevate yourself and your family. As I get older and life is more about work and generating income I am surprised at how easy it is to hack life.  If you have the rights habits, discipline and drive, success is a foregone conclusion. The key is that YOU have to become the master of  your fate.

As I discussed above, your spare spare time makes you wealthy. Your 9-5 is your base. It doesn’t have to be a business, it can be a job, it can be a certification or degree. It can’t be sitting around though. If you are willing to hack the spare time and be smart about what you do with the derivatives of said spare time (save, invest, stack, not spend it on the play play) you will win, your family will win and you won’t have to protest and complain about oppression.  Just do the work.

If you are interested in investing with our club on either the stock or real estate side we would be happy to welcome you into the partnership.  Email membership@capitaltodd.com today to join.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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