Accountability opens up doors. Victimization shuts them.

Accountability – the quality or state of being accountableespecially an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

Whenever there is a police shooting or a violent arrest I always look at it through the lens of what I would have done different than the “victim” to avoid being a victim. For example, in the most recent Waffle House issues, the cops didn’t show up and start choking people. The cops don’t show up and arrest people. The cops don’t show up and start shooting. Typically, cops show up and politely ask the person to calm down, leave or behave.  The situation gets escalated to the point that we normally see on video through defiance, the threat of violence and other forms of hostility like yelling and turning up. These are ALL things WE can control.  These are ALL things that have nothing to do with race.  What I would have done differently is not turnt up in the store. I would have left the first time they asked, I wouldn’t resist arrest. Its not a race issue…

Unfortunately the brand of African Americans is not the greatest. Cops arrest people with guns all the time this then creates the possibility that other suspects have guns until proven that they don’t. Cops are constantly investigating murders and arresting the hardest of criminals.  This is an issue especially when you don’t know who the killer is.  He could standing right next to you in the instance of an unsolved mystery.  Additionally, even if you arrest a suspect and convict that could be the wrong suspect and the killer could still be on the street.

I’m about to say something that is going to make you mad and that is that we have to police our attire.  Young men dress like thugs, even if they aren’t thugs, because that is the trend. This puts cops and others in the community on edge. If you are reading this and think you don’t profile people even if you are African American you are lying.  This profiling unfortunately does not allow those who might be unarmed or might be good kids to get the benefit of the doubt. A lot of people have ruined it for you.  For this reason YOU have to be cognizant of your interactions with officers, taking into consideration the difficulty of their job.

Its sad that I look on twitter and IG and see people who are educated and accomplished but they dress, act, talk and carry themselves just those that aren’t. They are so caught up in hip hop culture that they wear the shoes, shirts, jerseys and hairstyles of the uneducated and the ghetto. We have to do better and set the standard.  WE can’t afford to chill.

“Everybody can tell you how to police the community but nobody wants to police the community.” 

For some reason I don’t have a bone of empathy in my body. I believe it all started when I was a wee young lad. In our house there was no such thing as sick days. My mom was a hard nosed woman.  My dad was the same. They didn’t give us leeway, they didn’t accept excuses. Get it done was the motto.

I always make fun of my mom for not being the parent that comes down to the school to talk to the teacher.  My mom just wasn’t the kind of mom to stick up for the kids. It was always the mentality that you have to learn to operate within the system which is presumably fair, not expect the system to accommodate you.

I always tell the story about getting pulled over for a tail light. My mom didn’t tell me that “we are black and oppressed and the cops is out to get us”. She told me to get the tail light fixed.  When I was living on campus as a student at Cal State San Bernardino, I would literally get pulled over every-time I drove past the cops in my hoopty (91 civic hatchback). When I upgraded to the new focus (lol at the focus) cops didn’t even look twice at me. Same skin color.

See, taking on the stance that everything that happens to you is because of something you cant control is at the very bottom of victimization. Its the easy way out. Why? Because it requires no change, no sacrifice, no delayed gratification. If you do all those things you can’t change your skin color, therefore you don’t have to change, sacrifice or delay gratification. Boom, protest.

Accountability opens up doors. Victimization shuts them. It boggles my mind that the main people that want cops to be held accountable NEVER hold the suspect accountable. That is, unless he is slandering black women (read Philando Castille). That alone is #problematic. You never see any type of criticism for Mike Brown or Trayvonne Martin, they get painted as angels with their flaws looked over, meanwhile the community is still plagued with the likes of these guys, depressing property values, killing school quality, and filling up prisons. Yes I said it.

When you take accountability for EVERYTHING it puts you on the offense. You are looking for ways to win instead of looking for ways to not lose or just flat out losing and then blaming and complaining. I love the Gary V story where he says that if he walks outside and gets hit by a bus he says “I shouldn’t have left that early”.  We say “the bus was driving too fast”, “the bust should have stopped”, “the bus should have seen him”, “a white person wouldn’t have gotten hit by the bus”. Victim victim victim. Defense defense defense.

We can’t progress until we hold ourselves accountable. The longer WE point the finger the longer we don’t progress. The person that take responsibility for the change gets to create that innovative idea that solves a problem and gets wealthy. An example of this is affordable housing. The person that solves that issue is going to then sell the solution for a profit. The same is true with body cameras and any other “solution” BLM proposes. The key is that YOU should be the change. You should create the solution. You should take responsibility keeping your people safe from brutality and for elevating your community not making excuses for poor behavior. It has worked for me and others. I am just trying to give you some Conservative life game.

Those are my thoughts.

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