Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast Episode 64: Come from a place of contribution. There is monetary value on your energy and effort

The number one reason why people don’t start a business, why they don’t start investing and why they don’t start working on all the things required to create wealth and change their family tree is because they say they don’t have the money to do either of the above.  They can’t afford the course, they can’t afford the books, they can’t afford the 20% down payment.  All of those are excuses. Excuses build monuments of nothingness.

The number one way around ALL of those excuses, including the down payment issue is HUSTLE. There is equity and value in your energy.  There are dollars attached to your effort.  Don’t take that for granted.

What does this mean? Well it means that if you don’t have the money for the down payment you can compensate by bringing the deal to the table.  If you don’t have the money or the deal you can also get your foot in the door by bringing the deal and the money together.  There is ALWAYS a way.  The key is that you CREATE wealth with your mind not by exchanging dollars for your time.  Dollars can’t be seen with your eyes.

Now in regard to dollars for time, I still don’t want you to forget that there is a dollar associated with  your SKILLS and if you don’t have them yet you have effort and energy. What  you don’t realize is that it only takes you one deal to get the skills. Throw yourself blindly at some stuff and you wont be a noob when deal 2 rolls along.

Most people hear the idea of working for free and the liberal do gooders come out in droves talking about how poor people can’t afford to work for free and how working for free is slave labor. Well, one thing we discussed on Episode 64 is that you aren’t working for free. You get something out of the deal and if you are willing to take the long approach you will recoup the benefits of experience, exposure and trade secrets that will launch your career. This blog talks about how you can turn what you do have, your time and effort, into money even if you make a pitstop in free work on the way there.

“Come from a place of contribution”

“Energy is valuable”

Serve people for free in exchange for “game”

These days there is a course for everything and they aren’t cheap. Grant Cardone, Jay Morrison, Juan Pablo etc. Everyone has a course. No knocks against them but not having money to drop racks on a course is not an excuse not to learn. The best way to learn business is to go work for a successful business owner. This gives you deep detailed experience in the true workings of that business, not just the bullet points and platitudes.

What Demetrius said he did is that instead of paying the thousands to attend a seminar he learned how to get in the real estate business by working for a real estate business owner.  He worked for free and soaked up game. The exchange is that he gave labor and he gained knowledge.  There always should be an exchange. If someone is taking your labor without giving you anything then you might need to find a new mentor.  Key points in the show include:

  • “I’m not working for free I’m exchanging my effort and time for opportunity to practice on other people’s projects with other people’s money”
  • “Instead of paying for game ill hustle for game”
  • “Do a lot of things for free and soak up the game”

A key point in episode 64 was when I asked Demetrius why he uses signs. He told me that he uses signs because they work. He then went into a rant about how detailed and precise he is about where he places signs, when he places them and how he filters his leads through a call center. This was something he learned while working for other developers and investors.  All of this comes from experience.

Experience allowed him to jump over all the mistakes most people make trying out different marketing strategies and go all in on what he had seen work. It might have taken him a year working with someone to learn this but it saved him years of frustration and possibly even a failure after trying letters or social media and failing.

The key is that working for free and getting the game helps you avoid trial and error. It allows you to go all in on what works. This is why having successful parents is a major hack. Having successful parents lets you double down on their path as opposed to experimenting and wasting time and money. The game in the end will pay off exponentially.

There is monetary value on your effort

“You’ve got to come from a place of contribution I can’t just give you the game” -Demetrius Wright

All of this is coming from the mass amounts of DMs sent from people looking for social media welfare. Social media welfare is when people see your success and reach out via DM looking for aid without contributing or adding value to you in any form.  This is a trend that must end.  Come from a place of contribution and add value to those you want to work with and for.

One thing I always try to tell people is that if you go to work and get a check that is $2000 to then spend on a course or to get the money for a down payment. However, if you work for free and get the knowledge contained in that course or you get equity in a deal for effort of bringing it in you created that money without having to go to the job to get it. You skipped the middle man and accomplished your goal.  There is a dollar attached to your effort. There is a dollar attached to your skills. Contribute those skills to the people you want to work with and get that high level experience, exposure and knowledge.

This is one thing that I am even working into Todd Capital. We have a ton of people contributing their time, effort and skills toward helping us achieve the scale we are aiming for. While they have not invested into the organization financially they are building their own equity stake in the enterprise.  Likewise, the actual investors are building their stake in the enterprise. See, you can get there more than one way. The obvious way is to pony up the dough. The problem is most of us don’t have a mil from pops. The second less obvious and not so glamorous (blame slavery) way is to hustle and go unpaid for a while then when the organization blows up you go along with it. And even if it doesn’t take you with it, the experience and skills you take on will allow you to blow up on your own. There is no such thing as useless experience. Give every task your ALL.

Understand that you are in it for the big bag

So many people want to get rich right now. The want the check right now. In doing so they overlook opportunities that yield NOTHING right now but long term will set them free. You must understand that the long game is where the wealth is. You must realize that deferred gratification and discipline will set you free. This reigns true for almost everything in life from having kids, getting married, buying a house, leaving college. In the words of Drizzy Drake, its not about who did it first its about who did it right.

When you work for free, in a world where everyone is chasing the quick bag to get on the gram and post flicks, you will be looked at funny. When a mans life doesn’t keep pace with his peers its probably because he marches to the beat of a different drummer. You can’t expect employees to understand the lifestyle of a business owner and investor. They don’t get it. They want quick and now. They don’t have time to work for free and wait but if you want the big bag I encourage you to view life through that lens. I leave you with one last quote from DW:

“If you aren’t intentional about being wealthy you will be broke on accident”

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Be great and invest well!

Todd Millionaire


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