Todd Capital Book Club: Three Reasons Why “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” by Jay Papasan, Is a Must Read!!!

If you’re considering real estate investment right now or sometime in the future, I highly recommend reading The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Jay Papasan. This book was recommended to me by a good friend and it has changed my perspective on real estate, investing, and wealth.

It’s a quick read, so if you’re looking for something to dive into, this is a great option. Additionally, if you don’t have a hard copy, there are free audio versions on YouTube so it’s very accessible for any and everyone who wants to take on the task.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor covers a lot of the basics, and it talks about successful strategies that investors have used for years to acquire a fortune. It’s example heavy, which made it more credible for me and motivated me to get started and make moves.

There are some key takeaways I want to bring to light in this post that have helped me to implement significant change on my financial journey and why I’m writing a review on it.

1. The first of those is that money doesn’t make you bad, money emphasizes who you already are as an individual. This was something I’ve never thought about and though I wasn’t worried about what money would do to my thoughts or its influence in the first place, it’s a nice nugget to have in the back of your pocket.

2. The second is that this book touches on the importance of having an investment criteria template, which was something I’d known nothing about prior to reading. The concept stems from the idea that, good investors don’t make bad decisions if it matches your investment criteria. You will always have a return on investment and it’s a solid way to mitigate risks. For those who are worried about making the wrong decision this is something that can rest the worries. This thought process, as explained in the book, can allow an investor to decide quickly and not miss out on any opportunity!

3. The third thing I want to touch on is that this book emphasized the importance of keeping track of your net worth vs. budgeting and saving. You should always strive to be growing your net worth. It suggests analyzing the assets you have, to see if there’s anything you can be doing differently. When looking at your net worth once a month or once a quarter it causes you to really get things into gear and sooner rather than later and see real change.

I gave this book a rating of MUST READ. Even if you already have knowledge in the industry there are still some hidden gems that can really open your eyes to different methods. There are many more things this book opened my eyes to, these are just some I thought to jot down for you all.

Remember, the time is now! Seek out the information and you can really elevate your life if you’re willing to lend an ear. Here’s a link if you want to get started listening today:

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