Four reasons why you shouldn’t be a GDI (gosh darn individual) wealth builder

This month and last month two of the 215 members in the investment club decided they were leaving the club to manage their money on their own.  When the first person DM’d me I didn’t think anything of it. When the second person DM’d me I decided it was time to blog.

I believe that one of the main reasons for the destruction of the family, destruction of black business and as a result, black wealth, is because we live in an individualistic culture. For example, single moms don’t need no man. Business owners don’t need no partners. Real estate developers want to finance, rehab and list on their own. This is a recipe for burn out and failure.

This weekend I went to Atlanta to visit my family and I was on the porch talking to my dad. He said that their neighborhood has increasingly become Hispanic.  That wasn’t what was interesting. What was interesting to me is that he mentioned that multiple families live in that one house even grown males.

Living at home as a unit is a form of investing and working as a group.  The group should always be involved. The interesting thing, is that everyone else already gets this. It blows my mind that nothing I say is new or reinventing the wheel. Every other culture gets it. Asians build a business together. Mexicans bunk in homes and buy multi family properties together. White folks pass down wealth for their kids and work to generate income for them.

See the problem is that we want to be better than our own we don’t want to elevate our own.  Too many us are living to stunt on each other and then wonder why others aren’t elevated.  Well, its not the governments job to help your people, its your job.  The sooner you realize that the sooner the wealth gap can go away. 

This quick blog will talk about why even I don’t trust myself enough to invest outside of the group. This goes for both stocks AND real estate.

1. Bundle of sticks

None of us has a monopoly on good ideas.  When you invest on your own you open yourself up to hidden dangers because you can’t see every story, you can’t read every report. Investing as a group not only lets you combine resources, which we have all seen is massively valuable, investing as a group lets you combine intellect. That combined intellect is worth billions.

For some reason the culture thinks that one person has to lift it all for everyone or themselves.  But what frustrates me is that even the best of us can’t do it solo. When you look at the major fortune 500 companies you see that there is more than one millionaire and billionaire. Everyone eats off a thriving enterprise. Business is not your job. Your job enriches you, your business enriches your community. 

You might be smart. But bringing your smarts to a smarter group will elevate your smarts.  You might have money, but pooling your money with a group makes your money longer.  Nobody builds wealth a loan.  The mastermind is something you will never get out there being the lone ranger…

2. Staying power

One of the most important things you need when investing is staying power.  So many people try to time their positions. These people panic when the market tanks and then buy more when the market is at the top.  If you think you can avoid this I promise you its not easy. It is not easy to buy low and sell high this is why its so rare. The cliche sounds easy, the process is difficult.

When stocks are low that is when there is the health scare at Chipotle. When stocks are high that is when people are saying that Netflix can’t lose. Both recent events.

Well the group can’t move as fast as your emotional index finger. This is to your benefit. This keeps you from cashing in too low, selling too high. It protects you from yourself. The group protects me from myself because I know that if I sell on emotion I will have to explain myself to the club. The group keeps me focused. The group keeps us all stuck and usually that “stuckness” helps our positions. It is a natural human emotion to try and time the market. The real winners spend time IN the market. The club gives you no choice but to the latter. The club gives you success despite yourself.

3. Accountability

Accountability is the reason why people promote group work.  Accountability is you staying true to the goals you set for yourself. Most of us don’t have the ability to police ourselves which is why so many people struggle with disciplining their health and their finances. The emotional pull outweighs the decision you made with your brain.

When we first started the investment club the accountability was one of the biggest factors. We knew that you had to have money in on a certain day or else. Don’t expect for this to be the same on your own. The thing about our social media driven lives is that people can’t see your assets but they can see your play play. People who want recognition are therefore driven toward the play instead of the wealth. Then they turn 50 and wonder what happened.  Welp, accountability is a mother and a club has built in accountability.

4. Access

The investment club gives you access to all things Todd Capital.  This includes our real estate arm and our eventual ventures arm. They all go hand in hand. Why? Because wealth building is a holistic process not just a get rich quick stock trick or flip deal.

This means you need stocks, real estate, business and insurance. You need the whole pie not just a slice. We want people to buy into the entire Todd Capital vision. We don’t want individuals and we don’t want people with their own agenda. Those guys can build their own. But if you are ready to build true wealth, ignorant wealth, the wealth you can’t get rid of, come to Todd Capital. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with Todd Capital. Business and investing are TEAM sports. 

If you are interested in joining any of our clubs and making a difference in your community, email if you haven’t yet done your taxes or haven’t created an LLC to organize your hustle, do so now! Email today!

Be great and invest well!

Todd Millionaire


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