Don’t get rich young, get rich for sure

Rap music and hip hop culture has jacked us up in more ways than we know.  Rap music jacked up our spending habits “streets schooled us to spend our money foolish”.  Rap music gave women unrealistic expectations of young men and their financial capacity in their twenties.  Rap music ruined the community with the glamorization of drugs, sex out of wedlock and violence.  Rap music ruined the community even more than racism. Yes, I said it. 

The money

I am here to talk about the money side though. Rap and sports have given us access to multi millionaire young men. This has created a culture that aims for get rich quick. We have a culture that expects six figures at 25 and seven figures at 30.  This leads to massive disappointment, over spending and heightened demands on young men who aren’t there at 25 but might be there at 55.

So many people want to get rich (or look rich) tomorrow so they can ball like whoever has the  hottest track out right now.  I believe this is why people shoot for the quick money, they feel as though they are losing. I am here to tell you that if you are in your twenties and you aren’t rich you aren’t oppressed, you are normal. 

Most wealthy people don’t get there until they are in their fifties.  Unfortunately rap music makes us think you are supposed to “make a million dollars while you’re young”.  I hate hearing people make these statements.  When I hear that I know its someone who is going to not start a business at all or start one and when they aren’t rich tomorrow they quit. This is also a reason why most business owners charge excessive fees in the beginning that limit their  pool of clients. If you are rushing to riches you definitely aren’t doing any free work to build your portfolio and sharpen your sword. You need the paper NOW so you can throw it in the air.

That quick quick

Age 55 is the for sure money. It’s not about getting rich quick its about getting rich for sure. When you aim for quick money and not long money you tend to spend on the look of money. I see this all the time. I see people who make a few bucks at their job but live like they made it. Most of them are single no kids or married no kids so their money is long. When they should be stashing to create passive income for life life they are buying red bottoms, Louis Vuitton purses and traveling multiple times per year.

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us are trying to live like the celebs we see on TV. We want to dress like them, eat like them, party like them, all while we throw our wealth away. I made a comment about bottle service being better used to fund a property and got beat down on twitter. How dare you speak out against my rap video dreams.

When you live the quick life you end up never getting ahead.  If you aren’t careful you will miss out on the opportunity to stash and before its too late you will have a wife, kids and a mortgage that steals away the margin you previously used to look rich.  The harder you try to look rich, the tighter the grip of poverty becomes.

“When you have all this discretionary money the worst thing you can do it throw it into the fire for Instagram likes. The best thing you can do is make it permanent.”  


Get rich for sure

Playing the for sure game lets you make the right move not the bitcoin move. The bitcoin move will have you bit-broke. Meanwhile I’m over here looking at you like come on bro… Long term bro. The quick money route will have you flipping properties in hot markets. When the market turns and you are priced too high Ill be looking at you like come on bro. I don’t play the speculation game. I play the for sure game. I am willing to take a lower return on the for sure money than a larger return on the hopeful. The for sure game is the game I’m playing. How about you?

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Be great and invest well!

Todd Millionaire




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