Entrepreneurship 101: One person doesn’t stop the choose yourself show

If you want to learn how to be a business owner the smartest thing you can do is go and work for one.  You will learn more watching them over time than you ever will via a coaching session or a lunch.  Why? Because the real world isn’t lunch and perfect world coaching sessions in a conference room.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t take them out to lunch or ask them for advice. What I am saying is that working with them will give you a deeper level of understanding than mentorship ever could.  The real world is getting hit with a customer complaint in the middle of the work day and seeing how they handle the stress. Real world is seeing a high level employee you thought the business owner couldn’t live without walk and hearing her say “one monkey doesn’t stop the show” and it actually doesn’t stop the show.  You need real world experience if you want to win in the real world.

People always wonder why I’m in Watts on Saturday, well, the first paragraph sums it up.

One lesson I learned and one lesson I continue to experience is knowing that one person can’t bring down your hustle.  Eff it, twenty people can’t bring down your hustle.  When you are a business owner the world is your oyster. The world is your clientele base, the world is full of potential employees.  This means that one customer can be replaced.  This means that one employee can be replaced.  This means that a supplier, a sub contractor, followers, they can all be replaced.  There are millions of options out there as long as you take action to further your vision.

As you are building your brand you will come in contact with some great people. These people will add tremendous value to your organization.  One mistake you can make is thinking you can’t run your business without them.  One mistake that person can make is thinking the same.

What I have learned is that everyone is replaceable.  Usually those people are replaceable at a higher level than the person you thought was irreplaceable.  Don’t allow someone to make you a prisoner in your own business.

Influencer marketing is huge. Having verified followers and supporters is huge. These people can bring massive value to your organization and speed up growth and exposure, but even they are replaceable.  In the beginning of Todd Capital we got hooked up with an influencer who brought a ton of value to the organization, that person left, but was replaced by another influencer who has brought even more clients, members and money to the group. #levelup

Your job is to continue to stay true to your brand and continue to bring value. Anyone who leaves is jus making space for the level up.

When you are a business owner you don’t hire people you hire tasks.  This means that you need someone who can handle the task.  The task is what is important not the personality, not how long they have been loyal. Take everything that you do and assign a person to this role. This helps with efficiency because you can now have someone who is the master of that task which speeds up everything for everyone and elevates the quality of work. Delegation is key.

But if that task person leaves, step in and fill the role for the time being.  That is real life business ownership.  You have to have at least a minimal competent in all the tasks to fill in and keep the ship afloat while you find a new and better task person. They are out there.

In my experience, I have found that whenever I lost someone I found someone better.This might not seem that significant in the abstract but imagine running your organization at a high level and a key person leaves.  This can feel devastating. Don’t fret though. Keep stacking wood and you will attract more key people.

If  you are worried about this just know that God always slides in with the level up and its usually shortly after.  If you are building your business and you lose a client, the level up is coming. If you lose a partner, the level up is coming.

Part of choosing yourself is not being captive to any ONE person or any group of people.  The choose yourself economy says that YOU are the master of your fate, period. A lot of times we think it applies to saying no boss, but it really means no anyone. Choose yourself.  Bet on yourself. The only person who needs to validate and support you is you. The people who recognize will show up soon.

Todd M.


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