Smart business people start their LLC as a group and you should too

The rally cry in the Todd Capital brand is that business and investing are team sports.  Average people lose in business because they play the game as an individual against people who operate as teams. Those teams are called corporate entities.

One thing that we provide at Todd Consulting is business formation services.  This is where we help people tap into the benefits available to corporate entities, business owners and investors and we help people organize their hustle.

What I have seen while doing this is a ton of people who operate their companies as teams vs sole individuals. The teams have a huge advantage.

Starting a business the right way is not cheap at all.  You have to pay to file, you have to pay taxes, annual registration fees, amendment fees, publishing fees etc etc. The people who I have seen handle these large fees in stride are those that start their business with multiple people as opposed to the one man show.

This post is to encourage you to do the same.  I know you wan to shine. I know you want to prove people wrong but there is no such thing as a one person success. This is something we were sold that caused us to be divided and subsequently conquered.

If you are someone who is selfish and you want to keep all the winnings to yourself just remember that its better to have half of a success than to have 100% of a failure or even 100% of a sub par success. Its better to be a fractional owner of Google than a 100% owner of that no name tech company that went out of business.

See when you operate as a team you exponentially expand your resources, your network and your odds of success. For some reason we love to celebrate the individuals that win in sports and overlook the team that helped them make it all happen. We love to look at Lebron, we hate to look at the clutch shots that Ray Allen made or that Kyrie Irving made to make it all happen.

In the business world there is always a Kyrie or Ray Allen.  At least in the successful organizations. Having that extra man is what opens up the floor for Lebron to do his thing and vice versa. This is why BOTH Lebron and Kyrie are struggling without each other.

People, you can’t do it all yourself. You will not be successful doing it all yourself. I am now talking from personal experience. My successful clients are the groups who came together to go after a goal. The struggling ones are strong independent and don’t need no man. The successful clients get hit with the $800 min tax in CA and divide it by three. The unsuccessful clients get hit with the same $800 and pretend it doesn’t exist because they don’t have a discretionary $800. They aren’t alone though. The majority American doesn’t have a discretionary $800.

Don’t be the majority of American’s. Engage in business as a team and hack the system. Stop that one man stuff. Now. I’m serious.

If you are interested in joining any of our clubs and making a difference in your community, email if you haven’t yet done your taxes and haven’t created an LLC to organize your hustle, do so now! Email today!

Be great and invest well!

Todd Millionaire



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