My thoughts on the Gucci belt: It’s not even about the stuff it’s about priorities

Its not even about the stuff. Its about the mentality of buying the stuff without having the money to do the things you are supposed to be doing. If you can do both, by all means, turn up, but don’t sit around talking about how you don’t have cash when you do have cash you just spent it on looking wealthy. Don’t tell me how oppressed you are in $200 shoes.

If you don’t know what I am talking about it is the video of the young man (presumably a brother by the tone of his voice) who called into the Grant Cardone Real Estate Investing Made Simple show asking for advice on how to do a deal with $100.  His goal was to use the $100 as earnest money for a wholesale opportunity.  It made sense, what was embarrassing to me was that on a show where people have thousands to throw at deals we are calling in trying to do a deal for hundreds.

Now at first I felt bad for him. Maybe he was low income. Maybe he was out of work. Maybe maybe maybe. All those ready made excuses that SJW have ready whenever you speak on accountability.  But then Grant asked him the last thing he spent $1,000 on and he said “a Gucci belt and some sneakers”.  I dropped the apple tv remote.

I have been harping on our people loading up on Gucci yet owning nothing of true worth for a long time. In fact, I literally was on twitter making Gucci jokes about Gucci taco shells while watching this show when the clip came around.  We have the money folks, we just spend the money trying to keep up with and impress our friends.

Wealth, like ANYTHING worth having requires sacrifice and grind.  This is the point that Gary Vee made on his Baron Davis talk.  The rest of the panel, in congratulating Gary, made the point the entrepreneurship requires sacrifice, missing out, hustle and he made the point that the same is true for professional sports.

Gary returned the compliment and made sure they knew that they were just the same as him just in a different lane. It’s like ET said this morning, Michael Jordan wasn’t the best athlete he was the most committed.  MJ would shut down and lock up the gym after the custodians.  The same is true for Kobe and Serena. We see them winning and think it was talent, no it was hustle and sacrifice that took them there.  The same is true for your finances.  You have to lock it up and be committed to wealth not just making wealth happen when its convenient like some people exercise or eat right (raises hand).  All of these skills toward creating success are transferable. What is necessary for greatness in school is the same necessary for greatness in your finances or your health or your family, commitment and obsession. BOBA.

For some reason we think other people are “privileged” and as a result have it easy.  This “privileged” thinking leads people to think that when you exist in a certain way (skin color, family background, the right college) that things just rain down on you.  People really think that when you get to a certain status that life comes easy.  Its like ET says, yall think that the lion doesn’t grind.  No, you still have to work your face off. There are no free lunches. Any free lunch you see someone getting came from someone somewhere working their face off and sacrificing.

Buying Gucci is fun, people look at you as though you are worth a million dollars and all you had to do is spend $400.  It is a short cut to “wealth” but short cuts will cut you short. Short cuts will have you begging for money to do the things you need to be doing.  The culture can’t continue to exist this low.

Looking like it will prevent it

Looking like wealth will prevent you from being wealthy and for some reason this is just an issue that is inherent in those of African decent.  I was on IG and so many people read the handle Todd Millionaire and assume I am the solution to their problems. Ugly fat chicks and some fine chicks send me messages trying to get me to be their “SD” (I had to google that, it means sugar daddy). Random folks want me to invest in their business.  Most recently a young kid hit my mentions asking for help. He then went to the DMs and peppered me with message after message asking for help. I went to his profile and saw a kid super fitted, with a family super fitted, and they all lived in some village with dirt roads in a shack in Africa.  But they looked like money.

This is something that I have experienced not just with them but even in my own house. My mom always pushes me to level up my loafers or my jeans or get a new car. I spent my entire life taking her advice and wondered why I was broke all the time. Like Toks said about me in his rap “he spends all his money that’s why he is broke”. I did spend all my money and that is why I was. Sidebar: I know my mom means well but on thing I always tell her is that men and women exist in different worlds so we have different rules. A woman can spend all her money on looking good and some nice guy will pick her up, feed her and put her up.  A man doesn’t have that luxury.  We exist differently therefore we must move differently.

Be like Mike Tyson. He came into the ring, no fancy stuff, no socks, no glamour, and he handled business.  Be Mike Tyson to the money (not with your money because we know how that ended up), handle business, no shiny stuff.

Financial literacy

So many of us don’t know that there are places to put money that can liberate you from having to work for money. Since we don’t know that we spend all our money on the places people smarter than us tell us to put that money. On cars, shoes, vacations and mutual funds. Then we die broke and wonder why. Thankfully I have a background in finance and have been exposed to the wealthy. I have been taking habits and traits from every firm that I have worked in and every client I have worked with.

I will write a book about those traits but the biggest one and the most pressing one is just being willing to be ugly while you stack and build. Gucci, vacations, new cars and shoes are KILLING us and we don’t even see it because we keep getting compliments from other broke people.  We have to flip it from spend first to invest first. When we do that, we can then start to truly live. I love nice things and I will own them but not until after the financial base of assets has been built.

If you are interested in joining any of our clubs we would love to have you.  Email if you haven’t yet done your taxes and haven’t created an LLC to organize your hustle, do so now! Email today!

Be great and invest well!

Todd Millionaire




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