chase financial freedom not riches to spend on stuff.

Our people love spending money, we love stuff and brands.  We all know why this is. It stems from insecurity and low self worth.  Unfortunately this feeling of low self worth is keeping us poor, making our kids poor and keeping our communities poor.

One thing I admire about non “oppressed” cultures is that they don’t feel the need to drape themselves in labels to feel good about themselves because they already feel good about themselves. This is a wealth hack.  If you rid yourself of the need to flash you give yourself the ability to stash. That stashing gives you options, it gives your kids freedom and it helps end that oppression you whine and complain about.

Whenever I bring up the term millionaire online I always get people who say “im trying to get there sooner than that”.  Or “make a million dollars while you’re young”.  The problem wit this line of thinking is that I almost always  know that this make it while you are young mentality is rooted in living like rappers and athletes, young people who spend a lot of money.

This mentality is what keeps us chasing riches when we would be better off chasing financial freedom.  The freedom that comes with frugality and living below your means.

I believe that we ought to shift our thinking from wealth and riches for the purpose of consumption and instead toward financial freedom.  This is freedom from a mortgage, freedom from a car payment and a large amount of stored up wealth upon which to draw blood from to sustain you.

This is much more achievable, sustainable and noble.  It is also just more realistic.

Whenever I hear someone talk about getting rich by 30 I am reminded of those of us who thought we would graduate college into a six figure income.  How silly were we? I would hate for someone to try to rush the process, cut corners, don’t pass go and end up in jail all because they had an unrealistic deadline.

Lets face it, the average millionaire, white, black, yellow or orange, is 50+.  15% of the people in America have a net worth of a million or more.  Now first and foremost, it takes more than a million dollars to live like a millionaire. Secondly, most of the people on that millionaire list, just scrape there and most of their net worth is in their personal residence, aka something that doesn’t cash flow.

The key though is that you don’t even need a million dollars.  We need freedom. That is the paid off home and car that I spoke about above.  How do I know? Telah Holcomb on Millionaire Podcast episode 37 did just that.  Another paid off home owner is @downtown7thave from episode 38.

Those are easily attainable goals especially once you get in the habit of doing the work required to pay off your home early.

Most people think that when you are “retired” that you stop working. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, being “retired” meaning that you don’t HAVE to work, allows you to avoid doing the crappy things in life and only do the things that serve you. This allows you to attract more and more opportunities and investments. Much more than you could sitting at some lame desk wasting time for 8 hours looking busy.

Financial freedom is the goal, not silly riches so you can buy stuff. Attain freedom and the riches will come.  Bars. So focus on paying off your debt as it if is toxic.  This means that you have to cut out everything, you can’t space it out. All your going out to eat, living well, taking trips, etc has to cease.  All money that is above your necessities should be used to chunk out student loans, car payments, etc. Then after that stuff is paid off you can use your interest and other loan payments to rapidly increase your savings. That’s how you rinse it.

I have been reading and overdosing on the money mustache blog so as I learn you learn. Hopefully this blog was helpful.

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Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire



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