It’s Gucci!!

Here he goes again talking about social media again. Yeah I’m talking about social media and right now, what’s hot in the streets is Gucci. See my problem is that wealth and what we perceive is wealth have absolutely nothing to do with each other and Ill tell you why chasing what we perceive as wealth will ensure that we never get to wealth.

It all started at the All Star game when Lebron James posed with his kids and wife and every single one of them was wearing Gucci. I was shocked because I never took Lebron as a brand name type of guy. He buys cars but he was never brands.  I was let down.

It’s not about Lebron and his family though, it’s about the families that he influences. For most people, the only “wealth” they know of are athletes and entertainers. Folks literally chase the rapper and entertainer lifestyle. #notmethough , I chase after the owners.  What are the owners wearing, what are the owners doing? I study the folks who sign the front of the check, not the back of it.

If we are being real, that is probably the distinction between wealth and high income.  If you are chasing someone who signs the back of the check you aren’t chasing wealth you are chasing the look of wealth. These people look like money but they don’t have money, at least not for long, and their path is not duplicateable.  The problem with this being entertainers and athletes is that the odds just aren’t in your favor. If you are chasing back of the check signers who are high income earners like doctors, engineers, lawyers, that is cool, the odds are there (successful people are professionals and entrepreneurs) but chasing that fame is a fools game.  Its a waste because you won’t ever get there but as I mentioned in a post a while back, these rappers and athletes usually get this stuff for free. They are INFLUENCERS and their job is to influence that money right out of your pocket.

This is important. It’s important because we don’t have time or capital to waste on things that don’t add value. This is important because in your life you can only sell so many hours, we can’t afford to blow it on things that depreciate in value and only serve the purpose of showing off to someone, not out of working income. Especially not when our schools and institutions are struggling.

Since I have a degree in finance I get to spend a lot of time with high net worth individuals and I have also had experience dealing with low to no networth individuals.  What I have found is that the well to do don’t have all the showy stuff.  Especially not the ones that claim their are oppressed. All the money they make is aimed at liberating themselves from that fake oppression.  They want the safety and security of knowing they can solve their problems, they can withstand any storm and that they can ensure their kids never have to struggle as well.

Wealthy people purposefully avoid the show show because when people know you have the money to solve problems they find problems for you to solve.  The millionaire next door is real. The poor person in the Ferrari is real as well.  So my plea is for my people to get money and don’t spend it. Get money, and stash it, let it get old and permanent and then let your money solve your problems not your protest and not your policy.

A lot of this Gucci stuff is what is called signaling. People want to signal that they have made it with the stuff that they have.  This is especially true among people who are made to feel as though they are worthless. Stop that though. Its is important to have value in yourself despite the stuff you have.  Until you are content with who you are without the need to show off you will ALWAYS be spending money. There is always something new and better.

When I got done with law school a certain level of contentment rose over me. There are very few people who have accomplished this feat. That alone gave me the confidence I needed. I don’t feel worthless or less than, I don’t need to spend money for you to think that I am the shit because I am the shit whether I spend or not.  The culture, on the other hand, tends to under achieve, we then mast this underachievement with stuff. We fill the gap with stuff to show that we made it. We don’t got grades, but we got them Jays. We don’t own homes, but we are vacationist in some exotic locale. All the while we are slipping further and further behind. Until we stop the hemorrhaging of our paper we will continue to lack the capital that will help us compete in the wealth race.

Studies show that African Americans who see their peers buying luxury items are more likely to spend to keep up than a white america family. Spending to keep up robs you of your wealth because most folks don’t just live at their means they live above their means. When you live above your means you start digging into your kids money.

So here is why Gucci has to wait.  Because the culture is in last place *drops mic*. Our schools are the worst, our health is the worst, our communities are the least safe, but we got them Jays though.  I don’t see what the cause for celebration is because as soon as there is a tragedy those who are turnt on the gram will be the first to tell you how poor we are doing.

The problem is that if you are doing poor and you are spending all that you have then you deserve to be poor. Its no  longer anyone holding you back or down, you got the resources and instead of using them to improve what you have, you used them to look as though what you have is improved. Even if you can afford it, you can’t afford it. There is a place that you can put that money that would elevate your community but also make you wealthy.  Its amazing when you think about it. We can literally change any community we want, if we are just willing to invest in it. That is it.  We can invest in the Black Panther, that same billion spent on entertainment could have fixed the water crisis in Flint, or clean up the streets of Detroit of whatever.  We have the resources, we can’t keep giving them to every other community but ours though.

So its never time for Gucci. Its never time for Louis, its never time for the play play. Not until we all win. Sorry.  You don’t want to be the person that is 5k short on an opportunity that could change their life.

If you are down to take action toward improving your community, come to Todd Capital.

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