Action helps you find the opportunity. 

I know folks who have lost jobs, sat on great business ideas and then a year later they are exactly where they started.  I told them to start that car service or that catering company or that sales consulting firm or that whatever and instead of getting started they sat there because they didn’t have everything they needed to get started.  That is a mistake.

A year from now, your business will be in a much different place had you just resolved to do something now, with the limited resources you have, as opposed to being scared nervous or some fake perfectionist (perfectionism is fancy fear).

This is because businesses just like people, evolve with time an experience. A year later you would have a year full of networking, connections, experiences and exposure. All of these make year two that much stronger, which makes year three, year four year five a landslide.

The key is that its not just about the money its about positioning yourself for money. That year is an investment in your business.

Action helps you find the opportunity. 

Facebook now is nothing like what Facebook used to be. Google now is nothing like what google used to be.  Under Armour now is nothing like what Under Armour used to be.  Businesses evolve, grow, refine, find other markets, businesses blossom. You know what doesn’t blossom though? Sitting around doing nothing.

Those businesses blossomed because by being out in the market they found out what the market really wanted.  When you are taking action the market will guide you. Facebook realized that they could appeal to more than students, Under Armour realized the value in big name athletes, Google made money on ad words.  None of these were ideas that they found at the outset, these are ideas that revealed themselves as they went along building. There are things, opportunities and money you can’t see where you are, sitting on the sidelines thinking about taking action, and things you wont see until you start digging into the details of your business, working with clients and taking action. Action helps you find the money. 

Businesses,  like people, grow mature and evolve

This post is about you taking action with the idea that you have now and presenting it to the world as a minimum viable product. All you need is something that is workable, then as people take interest, reinvest and refine what you have there. If you aren’t embarrassed of your first product this means that you launched too late.

Knowing that this is not the end. So many people don’t start because they don’t have the most perfect and refined product.  They want it to look like Google now or Netflix now instead of Netflix back then. Netflix used to be a mail catalog of movies that came in envelopes.  They found what worked by doing and evolving.

YOU can’t evolve, you can’t meet the people you need to meet (the people are the true value), you can’t get the money you need, you can’t get the brand awareness you need by sitting around talking about the perfect idea. Get out there, look foolish, take criticism, and fail your way forward. Start that business, launch that idea and continue to tweak and refine what you have.  This is much better and more lucrative than sitting talking about your excuses.

Get that crappy idea out of the way

Last thing is that by doing you get that crappy idea out the way.  A few years back I started a tie company. That tie company lagged not because it wasn’t a good idea but because it wasn’t my passion. I couldn’t create content or blogs or podcasts about it. Had I sat on that idea I would probably STILL be talking about a tie company. I got out there, created it, realized it sucked for me and now I can focus on the real business, my asset management company.

The crazy thing is that I just now realized what Todd Capital is and its amazing. We are a year or two in though so we have brand awareness, we have connections, we have deals and success. All of this is imperfect but it is equity. We can stand on that.  It was ugly and not what we will be eventually but we took action and we are still taking action.

Wealth comes through creation

If I can motivate you to do anything it is take action and create. As long as you are creating you are generating wealth because wealth comes through creation. Whatever you create has value, that idea, that patent, that invention, that building, that app, building something out of nothing is the way to create value. Doing nothing is a way to remain with nothing. In 2018, in Donald Trump’s America, I need you to take action and create something of value to contribute to the world.  Don’t merely sit around competing for what other people created. Go get yours.

If you need some coaching or consulting to help push your brand forward I would be happy to help. Lastly, if you are interested in that opportunity, our investment club or getting your taxes or LLC done email us at we would love to work with you.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire






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