Why you need to take action now

We are about three years into the Todd Capital experience and we are still finding our way. It’s not perfect, but it is something. So many people sit around talking about ideas, talking about how cool something could and would be and they never put feet to the pavement.  I have never been one of those people.

This is a blog about why you need to stop being one of those people and the doors that will open up when you start taking action not talking about taking action.

Wisdom is APPLIED knowledge

The most important thing you can do is learn.  Wisdom is wealth. And wisdom comes from applied knowledge.  You can read every book, you can watch every podcast, you can get all the advice in the world and all of it will pale in comparison to actual applied knowledge.

When you read you will learn about every inside and outside scenario.  They will cover it all.  Then when you apply it in real life you will realize how simple these things actually are.  So simple a caveman can do it.

This is not to say that reading has no place. I am huge on reading, reading opens your eyes, reading exposes you, reading gives you confidence and the foundation of which to act, however, reading is not the end all and sometimes reading so much and learning so much can fake  you out into doing nothing at all.

You have to take action because there are some things you will never learn without taking action.  There are some things that you will never see without taking action.  The key is that all things are surmountable. And as you surmount these things you then learn even better ways to be better.

Example, we bought a house and had a plumbing issues.  The tree in the front yard has roots that go into the sewer which then block the pipe.  After being in the city I learned from other investors that this is just part of the game.  They have even set their cycle to where they just plan to drain the pipes every seven months.  We paid $460 to have our pipes drained the first time but now we are looking at just buying a machine and doing it ourselves.  This is an example of learning, refining and then re refining so its even more profitable.

They don’t talk about roots and pipes in all the books I read, I had to learn that through action.  Think about all the other solutions and issues that are easily solvable that you are avoiding because you are waiting on that perfect deal.

Meet the people you need to meet

When you take action you meet the people you NEED to meet, not the people you think you need to meet, not the people who like to talk, not the people who are interested in doing what you are doing, you meet the real players. WHY? Because you have to.  In order to get things done you have to track down people who are getting things done.

Meeting these people will change your life.  You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time around. If you spend your time around talkers guess what you will be? A talker.  If you spend your time around winners and action takers you will win and take action.

When you get around the people you need to meet this will change your life. You will then spend your time elevating and accomplishing things not talking about what you are ABOUT to do.  They will have answers to your action taking problems.  They will have connections and leads and plugs that can help expedite your situation.  You meet these people by getting in the game though.  You gotta get on the road and then the solutions will open up to you.

I don’t know how best to explain it but I have another example.  While I was looking for deals I came across a property and called the seller. The seller started talking and he turned out to be an African American real estate investor. I didn’t buy his deal but we kept in contact and now we are partnering on deals. By getting in the game I found people who expedited the game I was trying to play.

Get deeper knowledge

When you start doing, you start getting deeper. That deeper level of knowledge helps you make even more money and pull more opportunities toward you.  On the surface level its easy to read a book or talk to folks about investing or buying property. When you start taking action and completing transactions you can then start getting crating. Its like I say, get started and get fancy later.

When you get that deeper level of knowledge that fancy equates to big money.

Example, when we first started doing deals we were so scared of rehab that we were buying turn key that required little to no rehab. We just wanted to place a tenant in and collect checks.

When we got in the game we learned that rehab is easier than we thought and buying a home that needs rehab provides a much wide margin. Now, we bypass the whole seller, find our own deals, and we go directly to auction. Deeper knowledge, deeper pockets. 

Find what really works 

Everybody can tell you how to do it but they never did it. When you start taking action you find out what really works. You also find out that the limitations most people have aren’t really limitations OR you can just create a system for that problem.

When you take action you figure out that what you thought was the solution might not be the solution, but there is still a solution. There is always a solution. The only question is do you want to put in the time and effort. That’s the only question.

Find out what doesn’t work

The only thing worse than having a good idea an not taking action is having a bad idea and not taking action and never finding out that it is a bad idea.  If you are taking action you can at least fail and move on to the next idea instead of dwelling on something that would never work. Sometimes failure also helps you find what does work.  Another thing failure does is inspire you to get after it with even more intensity.  Sitting robs you of all of that. It robs you of the lesson, it robs you of the connections you still make by failing and it robs you of the potential solutions you could stumble into.

Open yourself up to other opportunities

This is the most important of all the ideas I mentioned and that is that you open yourself up to other opportunities to make money. When you sit on the sidelines thinking, plotting and dwelling you don’t get paid. When you get in the game and get dirty there are so many other opportunities, products, ideas and lanes that you can create revenue in.

If you are in the game and you find a deal that you don’t like you can sell it or you can flip it or you can hold it.  If you are sitting the only option you have is to click like on the pic and keep scrolling talking about how much money you are going to make and how many cars you are going to buy.

When you take action money comes. An example here would be the different products that my business has now because I created a brand under the investment club.  I can now basically market anything with the name Todd on it and its attached to the massive movement I have created.

One thing I learned working with a successful black business is that your customers will tell you what they want. I had never planned to help people with their LLCs. I had never planned to help with business plans or with financial planning, these opportunities came to me because people would ask if I did those things. One thing I know is that as an entrepreneur the answer is always yes. commit first, figure out the rest later.  I have stepped into so many opportunities because I said yes and took action and I am only going to continue to step into more. Because I can’t stop wont stop. I want you to take actual action toward making something happen for your brand this week. When you do so let me know what it is.

If you need some coaching or consulting to help push your brand forward I would be happy to help. I don’t want anything from you just a piece of the equity on the back end lol. Lastly, if you are interested in that opportunity, our investment club or getting your taxes or LLC done email us at info@capitaltodd.com we would love to work with you.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire




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