Stop talking about not spending money

I was sitting here thinking about writing a blog and the only thing I could think about was not spending money.  The problem is that ALL my blogs are about not spending money. That is kind of the mantra that I have been on for a while.

Why though? Why am I so anti spending money? Well, because money liberates you.  Having resources grants you access, keeps you safe, healthy and secure.  If you spend all your money on stuff, as we are so prone to do, unfortunately, you sabotage yourself, then you end up having to protest for things you could have just paid for.

So, I wont stop talking about not spending money because somebody needs to say it.  I was scrolling down the IG and saw someone floating in the dead sea. Another was in Bali, another was in the Philippines.  Whenever I see a lot of us doing the same thing I always question it because the masses are usually headed in the wrong direction. It has become a competition to show people you are traveling. Traveling is the new got them jays though because traveling ain’t cheap and folks are robbing Peter to pay Paul to travel and post pics for the gram.

I told this story about two people I gave similar advice to.  I told these two women to move home, save and improve their credit.  They both did it, one bought a home, the other takes trips every quarter.  The trip taker gets the likes on the gram.  The trip taker will be worse off after five years of this life when she has nothing to show for it but throwback Thursday pics.

How are we dead last but traveling like we are in first place? How are we dead last but at brunch like everything is gravy? Then when something crazy happens we want to protest and beg the people with money saved to provide a solution.

See the problem isn’t that we don’t have money.  The problem is that we get money and don’t really know what to do with it. We get money and YOLO because YOLO. There is so much more to do with money than just spend it but not many people know that.  That is what I am here for.  To tell you that you don’t need the stuff, you don’t need the experiences just to throw up “take me back” pictures. Man that stuff is cheesy.

We don’t even own the blocks we claim as home.  We don’t own the businesses in our community, we are begging for representation.  All of that comes from resources.  If we use our resources for the things that we need all the other stuff will take care of itself.  Similar to the line that if you buy real estate real estate will buy everything else. I believe that if you buy businesses your business will buy everything else.

So, stop spending money on dumb stuff and start spending money on the things that will liberate you.  This is businesses, real estate, dividend paying stocks, start ups, etc.  Stop spending money on dumb easy stuff and start just letting money get permanent.  Make it, save it, forget about it and get back to work.

At this point it just looks foolish for the community to be struggling while folks flash like they got it all together.  If everyone knows your community is struggling but they see you in Gucci and Louis they might be laughing but its not with you.

The real key is that after existing along side real wealth I learned that wealth ins’t flashy. If you see someone flashy guess what, they aren’t wealthy.  This is a complete mind shift but if you are smart you will just adhere to it.  It is so much easier to make money, stash it and not focus on the STUFF. Its more difficult to be up on the hottest fashion and tech than it is to stay focused on elevating your finances, which is amusing.

The lawyer that has the Ferrari and the Rolex is broke. The person with the Gucci everything is broke. The person at all the concerts is broke. They will be tapping their lender for another line of credit so they can get their next fix of consumerism.  Don’t be them. Don’t be the credit card traveler.  Be the person content in them self that doesn’t feel the need to blow a check for validation from broke nobodies.  

I can’t sit back and let it continue to go down.  After spending time in Detroit and seeing people who can’t even repair their roof, but have a flashy whip parked in front of it, I am here to tell you that we need to flip the switch. We need to flip it from borrowing to lending.  From begging to providing solutions. We can do it but we can’t do it if we are spending all our cash on likes. 

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Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire



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