The investment club is not a bill

It is the middle of the month which means now is the time to pony up and commit to what you committed to when you first joined the club.  I get the feeling though that people feel like the club is more of an obligation and not an opportunity and I want to change that thinking.  The club is not a bill you have to pay.  The club is not some place you send money and never see it again.  The club contribution is not dues that get spent on pizza for meetings.  The club is one big high yield savings account, where you place money that you still have access to.  Its still yours, you are just putting it to work.

When it comes to this time of the month I don’t want you to see your monthly investment as a bill. I believe that most people see their investment contribution as a bill that must be paid, unfortunately, this is not how owners think.

The wealthy invest what they have and spend what is left. The poor spend what they have and invest what is left.

What are you doing? Are you kicking the investment club what you have left after your spend or are you kicking the investment club what you have and then spending what you have left?

The amazing thing about all of this is that you don’t even lose the money because by investing you are saving.  You are taking your working income and making it permanent.  We tricked you into saving.  LOL.

So don’t see this as a bill or a payment but merely as income shifting. Shifting your working income into an asset that will produce MORE income.  This delayed thinking is what it takes you free you from the rat race of working to earn, spending what you earn and then going back to work to earn more.

What came first the chicken or the egg

I believe that I said this earlier but wealth is the accumulation of money that would otherwise be used to consume.  When you invest with the club you have your money still, you don’t lose it, all you are saying is that this is a part of your working income that you don’t want to spend.  You can tap into it at a later time, OR you can leave it and eat the eggs of the chicken as opposed to eating the chicken. Egg time will come soon enough.

This is something that I have been practicing religiously lately.  The art of staying broke and forcing myself to constantly improve and generate new income by not sitting on the money I bring in and being complacent.  As soon as consulting income or other streams come in I kick it to my Robinhood account and get back to work.  The work then brings in money which I then subsequently kick to Robinhood.  Over the last few months I have accumulated a significant nest egg.

The $25 delima

Treat the club like that this year. Get money, kick it to your Todd Capital account and invest over and above the $25.  I haven’t harped much on the $25 but don’t let your financial freedom come down to $25 bucks.  If you invest big you earn big if you invest small you win small. We have seen some huge gains but even a huge gain on a small number is still a small number.

This year, while it is still early, recommit to the club, recommit to your financial goals, recommit to going all in and being obsessed with your familial wealth. First I want to challenge us to get more participation this month EVEN if it is at a $25 dollar level. Second I want to challenge us to level up. We are close to cracking $70k but keeping it 100, given the retirement accounts and savings we all have, with over 200 members, we should be pushing about $500k in assets, going on to buy apartment buildings and entire blocks. That is the future of this club.

Keep rocking with us and keep telling your friends about this great thing we are building. If you haven’t yet joined the club, haven’t gotten your taxes done or haven’t filed your LLC, email us at, what are you waiting for???

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire



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