The key to getting rich: Give your gift away

There are SO many capable entrepreneurs who are sitting on their gifts hoping that someone will come along and buy something from them.  I see graphic designers, marketers, investors, web designers and many other hopeful entrepreneurs setting up shop then setting their rates at a competitive level. When people don’t come flocking through the door they go back to life as an employee and sweep their business goals under the rug.

A while ago I listened to this TGIM by Eric Thomas.  The title was “How to get rich or die trying”.  The three keys he mentioned were, discover your gift (your business), refine and improve your gift then give  your gift away.  This was important to me because if you look at ETs company, this is exactly what he did.

ET built his brand by creating short motivational videos weekly, consistently, and it allowed him to grow his brand and his business to an international level.  What is important to also note is he didn’t start with the high quality production he has now, that came by doing.  As he took action his quality increased and you can see it increase over the seasons he did the show.

This isn’t some ET thing. This is how most businesses get started. They give away free samples and get feedback from their consumers. Their consumers criticize and critique it and they develop a product that people want.

Here are some reasons why I say you HAVE to give your gift away.

Builds your brand

Giving your gift away lets you touch multiple people. These touches imprint your brand and your product on their lives.

Gets you access to customers 

Giving your gift away creates a huge database of potential customers. Sure everyone won’t buy from you but if you build a tribe, a following, a honey pot, and ten percent buy from you that ten percent could be a viable workable business.

The other people will refer you to their friends or will serve as marketing to build your portfolio of work, which will bring in even more business.

There is a black business that needs your skills

There is a black business that would be perceived as more professional, more successful or more credible if they could just get access to the skills of a good graphic designer or web designer and here you are sitting on your skills unwilling to work for free.  Everyone says black lives matter and what not, until its time to do business with their brother. That is a problem.

Imagine an economy where people are supporting and giving and recycling not just money but skills.  If you can attach a dollar to something that qualifies as an investment. This is your comfort, your time, your skills.  You will get an ROI on all of those investments.  Yes you need to invest money in your business but don’t just limit that to actual currency. 

You need to be working not sitting and getting stale

You need to be doing 100 websites, for free because there are millions of people you can’t even reach with a portfolio so small and skills so limited.  Those 100 sites that you invest your talent into will create sources of referrals, opportunities to sharpen your skills and you are helping a black business grow and thrive. It will not go without return.  Whatever you give you will receive.

Another skill you will learn is how to work with clients and customers.  This is a skill you don’t get working with the few people you get to pay you market rate.

Another skill you get is learning to manage A LOT of clients. When you start giving away quality free service EVERYONE is going to show up. You will have to learn how to manage that. This is important because scale creates millionaires. You don’t get wealthy doing a website here or there. You get wealthy doing 1000 websites at the same time, doing so much work that you have to hire staff and create systems for the workload.

For my LLC business I had to create a google sheet with symbols, boxes and formatting to track the status of the 100s of clients we have brought in.  20% of those were free clients, from free LLCs I did over the holidays. Those free LLCs ALL refer me business religiously because subconsciously they feel like they owe me.  The value you give, creates leverage and equity in the market.

I eat my own dog food

I didn’t become a proponent of giving away value until I had tried it and done it myself. A while back we started the investment club. A free club that allowed me to use my experience and knowledge of finance to help people learn to invest by actually investing.

The club has been a tremendous success on multiple levels. All I did was take the advice of Eric Thomas. Instead of sitting around waiting on people to pay me to invest with and for them, we do it for free and we built a pool of people 200+ in size, and growing everyday.  From there I have been able to refine the brand, expand on the brand with products that we charge for, and walk into even more opportunities than I even knew existed before this.  We gave our gift away.

So don’t focus on the money. Focus on a movement.  Develop a passion for a movement. One that seeps out even when you aren’t thinking about it.  I post about business and finance 24/7. People think I am promoting my company but I am literally just living my life.

So, if you don’t have clients, but you have a product or skill you don’t have a business.  What YOU need to be doing is you need to get busy providing value for FREE and getting people to know you. What do you think Gary V and Grant Cardone are doing? They are giving away value, consistently and it allows them to make millions on the background. What makes you think you get to flip it and not do what the millionaires are doing? If you are interested in working with our team and the investment club email us at

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire




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