These people think I’m stupid

Before attending law school I actually wanted to go to business school.  At the ripe young age of 20 when I was winding down my under grad degree I knew that in order to compete I couldn’t just get an undergrad degree like everyone else but I needed to get an MBA to make sure that I stood above. Everyone I consulted told me to get work experience so instead of going straight back, I went to law school!  I am circling back around to get my MBA.

I believe that having this tri fecta of degrees gives me an even bigger advantage as there are not many people that have one and very few have both.  This brings in customers, clients and opportunities OUTSIDE of work.  Grad school comes with its struggles though.

In grad school I am literally the ONLY black person in my classes. That isn’t a problem. But what I find is because of how African Americas are portrayed in the media many people just assume that they are smarter than you.  I have had people question my answers, or just flat out assume that my answers were wrong.  The problem is that I was starting to doubt myself too.

In a recent homework assignment in an economics class we were tasked with charting graphs depicting complementary and substitution goods.  I pulled my graphs from online and plugged them in.  When we shared our answers with the group a member told me to correct my homework because my charts were off. When the topic came up it turned out my charts were right.

Another instance of this happened where we were working on problems where sales tax shifted the supply curve and we were challenged to determine whether the producer or consumer paid the tax.  I was right but again they didn’t believe it.

What I learned is that these people are no smarter, better educated or better equipped.  What I learned is that if I don’t speak up and share my answers they will continue to assume I don’t know anything.  The key is that you have to show people. You can’t keep your mouth shut and you can’t hope that they see you as equal. You have to prove you are equal.  At the end of the day people have opinions but the only thing that matters is execution.

So if you are in a situation where people are doubting your abilities, the best thing you can do is execute in their face.   Don’t dwell, don’t complain, don’t wish they saw you as equal, execute in their face and then stand back.  In America its not opinions that matter, its not isms that matter, its execution.  Can you perform?

Take action and show people how great you are.  That is the only way to prove it.  If you want to be a part of our investment club OR would like to have your taxes prepared by our excellent advisers email us at

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire



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