Stay broke, look broke, act broke and keep stacking

When you start making good money, stay broke. This is a statement that Grant Cardone makes in the Millionaire Booklet. The purpose of staying broke serves you in multiple ways, each of which will be discussed in this blog.

Keep hustling

Broke people with big ambition hustle for more paper.  I have found that when I was strategically broke that is when I am the most aggressive with my marketing and sales tactics.  When I am aggressive with my marketing and business, I make more money.  Conversely, when things are going well, I tend to rest on my success and get comfortable.  Thus, staying broke is a way to kind of trick yourself into grinding, even when you have money. I immediately move all business and 9-5 income far away, and get back to work.

If you want to have more money than you need you have to work more than you need.  For some reason though most of us only work just enough to make enough and then we chill. This is why so many people live paycheck to paycheck. We work just enough to pay bills when we live a life aimed at comfort and luxury.

By staying broke you make yourself uncomfortable. This pushes you to move, create, live lean and create the wealth in your asset column. Broke people have to keep moving.  There is no better time to be hustling than when you don’t need to hustle. That money you make is just icing so keep getting to that icing.

Keep thinking

When you are hungry you become very creative.  Hungry people will eat anything, they will find something to feed themselves.  When you are strategically broke, you will think your way into opportunities as opposed to just acting as if it were not possible.  Poor = passive over opportunities repeatedly.  When you are comfortable you will pass over something just because it will mildly inconvenience you.  When you are broke, you track down ever cent.  Trick yourself into this mindset.

Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about how poor people say they can’t afford it, rich people ask how can I afford it.  This is seen in multiple instances like creating a real estate deal, finding money for a business, or other coming up with a witty invention or solution.  Most of us don’t have a money problem we have a strategy problem.  That strategy comes from thinking. That thinking comes from motivation based on broke.

This is why the book Power of Broke resonated with me.  So many people use broke as an excuse and they do nothing.  So many people use broke as a reason why a proposed solution can’t work.  But on the Millionaire Podcast I am always talking with people who found creative ways to think around their limitations.  People made bandit signs with old boxes, people wholesaled for free on craigslist, people rode the bus while they saved to buy a home. The only limits on your finances are rooted in your thinking.  Staying broke helps you continue to tap into that creativity and that creativity creates wealth.  Remember, wealth comes from creation and innovation.

Keep stacking 

While you are being strategically broke you have to stack. As soon as money comes in, push it to the side and stack it. Act like it doesn’t exist and then get back to work.  This will force you to live below your means, eat lean and save save save.  Meanwhile you are growing wealthy.  You don’t have to do this forever but if you never do it, expect to never have the nest egg you need to invest in big deals that will liberate you.

That ideal sum of money is $10,000.  I recommend that you first get a starter emergency fund of $3,000 that you will NEVER touch.  This should be enough money to pay rent for three months if you lose a job or what have you. Make this money permanent and make it disappear.

Keep stacking wood and growing your fire.  Grow it so big that nothing can take it down.  Collect money just you would collect sneakers or purses.  Just get a bunch of it. Stack it until you don’t have anywhere to put it. Stacking, not spending, is power.  I enjoy walking into places and knowing I can own whatever even if people look at me and think that I can’t.  My ego is in my financial statement not in the clothes I wear and that financial statement gets bulky by stacking, not flossing.

Keep investing 

Most people who save money end up just spending that money on bigger purchase.  Don’t build wealth just for the purpose of destroying it.  That is silly. Don’t use your stacked money for the turn up.  I recommend that you then put that money into Robinhood so you can get a return on your money but also be incentivized to keep it there.  Investing is a way to trick yourself into saving.  

When your money is locked away you are less inclined to sell and move it.  Also when you see it moving you get an emotional high as it goes up and down.  Dead money in a savings account just ends up getting spent on something fun and wasteful.  Keep investing.

Keep investing because if you don’t invest you can’t obtain wealth.  There are no employees on the Forbes list, only business owners and investors.

These are a few keys to help people who are making good money turn that money into wealth.  If you aren’t making good money you need to figure out how to make good money because you can only decrease your expenses so low. At some point in time you gotta start bringing in the big bucks.  I have another blog on how to get your money up but that will come at another day.  In the mean time, stay broke, look broke, act broke and keep stacking because your dollar, not your Jordan collection or Instagram likes are power.  Get some power. If you want to join any of our investment clubs email us at

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire



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