Act like your refund doesn’t exist and use it to start your own small business

It’s refund season guys.  Happy holidays. It is raining money, or is it. This is your favorite frugal blogger, here to tell you that you can’t get money and spend it.

Act like the refund doesn’t exist and get back to work. 

This blog isn’t even black wealth related this is just personal finance related.  Most people who get refunds get them because they are low income and thus struggle the ENTIRE year just to get a few thousand bucks.  Why would you pass over multiple tens of thousands for a few free thousands?  The math doesn’t add up.

I get it because its free so its an infinite return but long term, it is a losing strategy. Especially if you spend it on stuff that depreciates to nothing or accumulates in the corner.  This blog will talk about what you should be doing at the expense of your refund, why its important and what you can do with the refund you decide to stack as opposed to spend.

Work is the best mentor

First, get back to work.  Get back to work because that work grows both your experience, knowledge and abilities which will allow you to command more for your time.  Get back to work because by working and not focusing on the free money from the sky you can then stack more on top of that new windfall.

So many people justify not working overtime because of taxes, or not working certain days because they make just as much money in government assistance but working is much bigger than the money.  Work teaches you a skill, work exposes you to culture and refines you, work gets  you out of the house and into the world.

This is like the mother who decides not to work because of the kids.  This is silly. Especially when they justify it financially with how much daycare costs.  Your child needs to see you up working and getting after it. That example is invaluable. I can’t tell you how many people I know who had parents who sat around who then became grown and proceeded to do the same thing they saw their parents do (under achieve and sit around). All because that was the example they saw.

In regard to the money, your income grows as your experience grows and your experience grows while working, not while you sit at home babysitting.  So what might seem like break even with childcare now, wont be in three years.  On the other hand, free money keeps people small, dependent and inept. Sitting at home dulls the sword.  After five years of sitting not only will you not be better you will be behind.  Get out there and work.

The appeal of stuff

The problem with America is that we correlate stuff with success.  Thus, someone with low income can get a fat check, get some stuff, and then deem themselves successful.  I always say that you don’t have to be rich to have Jordans, all you need is $200.  But when people see someone in Jordans they think “he got money”.  Same is true with TVs and rims, even if the person who has them only has that to their name.  People get fat checks, but a fat TV and then feel like they have arrived.  Then they burn hours in front of that TV that could be used building wealth for their family.  The appeal of stuff keeps people small.  Assets grow people tall.  

You have to divorce yourself from the illusion of stuff.  It is tough because we are constantly being sold and marketed to but that is all false.  The sell you the dream that stuff will make you somebody just so they can profit on your purchase.  In reality, stuff only sets you back.  Stuff doesn’t advance your personal financial situation. Stuff never ends.

That is the worst part about buying junk, there is always more junk to buy.  I was riding down the road this morning and got an update about airpods getting an update and thought “good thing I didn’t buy those”.. The airpods are now obsolete, and guess what, if you like stuff you gotta keep up.  Its a race and a trap and if you keep running down it you will never be free.

Stacks on stacks

Life is about progress. You have to progress. You can’t just get cash, spend it and then wait another year for cash to fall from the sky.  Not if you want to live a truly fulfilling life.  For the love of god, stash that refund, act like it doesn’t exist and go after more money.

Get money buy a business

You have to put away stashes of money so you can make big money moves.  You can’t make money moves out of your paycheck and you can’t make money moves out of a few grand here or there.  The key is to stash that refund, stash your checks, get more refunds and stash those then when you have a large chunk, do something that will liberate you.  Buy a business, buy a home, buy something that generates wealth for you and your family.  This is what immigrants do.  Immigrants will come to America, work in a crappy factory and stack all their paper so they can buy that liquor store. Then when they buy that store they expand on that store and become wealthy.  

Immigrants know that the one thing that sets America apart is entrepreneurship. Not TVs, sneakers and luxury cars.  They are willing to forego ALL of that, to get to the promised land of unlimited income and freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. 

Another example is a man I met (another immigrant) who took his refund and bought a screen printer machine and then bought another and another.  We can’t just take money and buy stuff. We have to acquire things that will liberate us and allow us to create.  If you have a business idea and can buy equipment, do that, if you want to lease space in a salon do that. Invest in something that will flip and get you away from poverty.  You can afford to sacrifice a few years of trinkets. All that stuff will be old and outdated in years anyway.

So when you get your  money don’t do what everyone else is going to do.  Don’t be simple minded, don’t be shallow don’t run to Amazon dot com.  Run to free your family for life dot com and build a business that will pay them forever.  That is what that money is for.  Invest it in your families future not in their present immediate gratification.

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