Vacation out of cashflow not paid time off

Right now is a unique time on Instagram.  Everyone is traveling. Travel has become some sort of a status symbol.  Everyone wants to check in, everyone wants to be abroad. Everyone wants to showcase their experiences.  Travel is the new Jays.

It’s not even among the affluent and educated. Even the most average people want to be in the Bahamas for the gram.  This isn’t smart financial behavior.  It makes us look silly when we spend what we barely have making it look like we are balling out of control.

You can’t be a victim and an IG honey

I see it and I shake my head.  Why? Because it is wasteful af.  It boggles my mind that the biggest victims in America when a tragedy strikes wear the most Gucci, drive the most Benzes, and travel to the most luxurious destinations yet our communities are in shambles. We spend all of our money on the outward look of wealth instead of pushing that wealth inward and actually becoming wealthy.

I watch a LOT of Gary V and I talk to A LOT of people who want to get rich and one thing I see about people who actually get rich and people who want to get rich is that people who want to get rich eat dirt and they eat a lot of it.  They don’t live the glamorous life, I don’t care what color their skin is. The people flying high ALWAYS fall.  The people who trudge along at the bottom of their means never fall. 

Get rich for sure

We have to get away from the idea of getting rich NOW and plan to get rich for sure.  If we were to map out a ten year plan and then track toward that plan we would make it. Even if we don’t get rich at 10 years, we will have made substantial financial progress and that alone is better than doing nothing and shopping to give off the look of wealth.  If we just say “be rich” then we will be at the Louis Vuitton store tomorrow putting a bag on credit just to act as if we already made it without getting the assets to actually afford it.  Remember, assets buy luxury.

If you are out living the glamorous life there is a chance that you are shooting yourself in the foot. This is because if you don’t come from wealth your paycheck is the only access you have to wealth.  If you are spending your paycheck on stuff you will never get wealth.  You only get so many hours in life to work.  Value those hours and the money you bring in with those hours.

Eat dirt

You have to eat dirt and eat it happily. You also have to eat dirt during the time that you think you get a break from eating dirt. Keep eating and grinding. Eating dirt looks like bringing lunch when you can afford not to. Eating dirt looks like taking the train when you can afford not to. Eating dirt looks like wearing the same suits when you can afford not to.

Most of our flash and over consumption comes from the inferiority that is instilled in us, usually by us. When you stunt on someone you are telling them that they are aren’t enough and they will spend to show you that they are enough. This is why we put so much flash on our body and not so much in it. We don’t value ourselves enough.  This has kept us broke and if we continue to live like this will keep us broke.

I might seem like a jerk for pointing this out but my 10 years experience working in and studying finances qualifies me to make these observations.

Generational wealth

So many of us talk about generational wealth and then proceed to spend every paycheck we get. If you spend ever paycheck in that one generation, you can’t build generational wealth. You have to live below your means and  you have to get comfortable living below them.

So if you want to vacation and live the good life, you have to get some assets. You have to get some flows. You have to take your finances seriously.  When you focus on flows you ultimately position yourself to never have to worry about you or your heirs livelihood.  Right now, in your single no kids life is the BEST time to do that too.

Vacation out of the cashflow that goes on into eternity.  Stack your PTO and free yourself from your 9-5.  Use your income to liberate you not bind you to that chair.

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