Lean Valentines Day

Greetings, it is I. Your friendly frugal blogger.  Tomorrow is a big day. A big made up day. A day that was created for you to spend money and if you aren’t careful you will blow stacks falling prey to the marketing of big corporations who create reasons for you to give away your hard earned capital.

This Valentines Day I want you to go lean.  If you aren’t financially free you don’t deserve holidays.  Holidays are for the successful. Until you get to the point where you can claim financial freedom (debt free, nest egg, strong investments) all of your money should go there, not other places.

This blog will discuss how but will also discuss why.  Lets start with the why.

Consumption is a temporary high

If you are like me, you have been dating or married to the same person for a while. I met my wife when I was 19 and I am now 31. I have obviously bought her some gifts.  We can’t remember any of them though.  Those items have been long forgotten.

I spent a fortune on gifts we can’t remember. Gifts that have been lost, become outdated. This is because liabilities never last.  When you spend money on liabilities and stuff it is only as good as the new stuff you buy the next year.  If you go down the rabbit hole of using stuff to fill the gaps in your life  you will always be throwing money down that hole.  This is why I can’t get into the sneaker culture.

I was looking at some sneakers the other day and realized that my $200 would soon be old news as soon as a new pair released two weeks later. The only people winning from sneaker culture are the people selling sneakers and preying on your insecurities and need to put on $200 sneakers to show your worth.  (I recently saw a chick at the bus stop in some fresh Jordans).  That is not an effective use of my cash. The same is true with anything that these businesses are pushing you. They want your money, they don’t care about your goals.

The time is now to stop chasing temporary pleasure via gifts and luxuries.  Instead, use your resources to save, invest, and build.  These are the things that don’t just make you feel good temporarily, they feed you and your family forever.  Liabilities (and luxuries before it is time) are temporary.

Assets are forever. 

When you spend your money on an asset you create something that pays you FOREVER.  This is something that blows my mind sometimes. When I look at our property I realize that we now have a monthly paycheck forever.  It never stops. Nobody can fire us and take that away. Nobody can downsize that. Technology can’t make it obsolete. Assets are forever.

This is what they mean when they say you can’t get rid of wealth. When you are wealthy the abundance just flows in, so fast that you can’t spend it.  Wealth is not a job. Wealth is not dependent upon what you do. Wealth pours in whether you like it or not.

The key is that you can only make so much money in life and you have to accumulate that money to a meaningful level so you can make investments that have an impact. You only get so many bricks. If you are using your bricks to have a party you will lose to the person using his bricks to build a house.  You also decrease the chances that you will ever build a house.  That house will stand forever, that party will be long forgotten.

Something nice but not something crazy 

When it comes to V day, especially in Instagram culture, there is the pressure to do it bigger than everyone else.  There is the pressure to go all in.  I almost fell to this temptation.  I was online and I saw how amazing the three dozen bouquet of roses looked and almost bought.  I could have booked dinner at Mastros but instead I made reservations at Benihana which is more than half that price.  Won’t look as ballerific on the gram, but Ill buy another house this month so…………………. boom.

The hack is that it’s more about the experience than it is about being a big baller out of working income.  If you can be creative you can get the same bang as someone who spent a fortune, without spending a fortune.  You can do something nice and still reign in your expenses.  Don’t go full retard.

Go lean this V day, go big on your assets. You will be laughed at and mocked by the people who don’t get it, the people who haven’t read what  you have read and the people who haven’t watched what you have watched. Expect that. The pigs that built their homes of straw and sticks laughed while the pig building the home out of bricks layed one after the other. We know how that story ended.

So the point here is to not get caught up on consumer culture and the expectations of people who don’t have the same goals as  you.  If you are aiming for bigger you will have to take more time digging your foundation than others.  Send her a dozen roses.  Take her to a nice dinner and buy her some stock for v day, if you buy her anything at all.  If she can’t respect your goals she probably isn’t the one anyway.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


Charles L Oglesby, III, JD
​Todd Capital, LLC​





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