Investing means sacrifice and sacrifice means investing

I was on the IG the other night when I came across a video about how we have to change the words we use when we talk about money.  The point he was making is that the word investing and the word sacrifice are interchangeable.  When I heard this a light bulb went off and I knew I had to expand on this thought for a blog.  So, this blog will talk about how adopting a mentality of sacrifice is key, how you can sacrifice other things besides money to get your money right and how when you sacrifice you can’t count the costs.

Sacrifice is key

For me I always knew that sacrifice is key but I never applied the word sacrifice to my money.  I have two degrees and going on a third and a lot of that required sacrifice.  I have seen sacrifice my entire life.  I know sacrifice and you probably do too.

To earn my degrees required sacrifice of time, sacrifice of TV watching, sacrifice of vacations and sacrifice of sleep.  I complained the entire time but I was willing to give up all those things because I KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt that the degrees would provide a return on investment.  This certainty is what pushed me to take out loans, sleep on couches and punt multiple luxuries.  It all paid off.

Sacrifice of comfort 

This is no different when I speak to investing your comfort.  This is a sacrifice.  You are giving up comfort, pleasure, space, and even happiness, for a return on that sacrifice of comfort.  This can be seen in sleeping in someones garage for six months while you clean up your credit.  This can be seen working a job that is significantly beneath you in the off hours to bring in an extra thousand per month.  At the end of all that sacrifice you KNOW there will be a return.

If you want any sort of success in life, comfort is something you have to do away with.  When you make good money and live 100% out of the fruits of it, this is comfort.  If you use credit cards instead of saving up in cash, this is comfort.  If you upgrade your car instead of driving something older and less impressive this is comfort. Comfort comfort comfort comfort.  It is something you have to sacrifice if you wan’t to really win in life.

Sacrifice helps you get what you want

We all know that sacrifice helps you get what you want.  We have seen countless examples of this but we don’t often times connect financial sacrifice to financial reward.  If you have followed me for any amount of time you see my anti vacation and luxury living rants.  This is a form of sacrifice. One thing I learned is that what is hot by the masses is usually easy and painless. But the easy path becomes hard.

If you make $100,000 and live like you make $100,000 and the other guy lives like he makes $30,000 when it comes time to invest in that venture or idea who will have the money? The person that lived off $30.  The thing is that living off $30 when you could afford to do more hurts, its not glamorous and it doesn’t get you likes on the gram.  However, that $50,000 investment that you were able to make via sacrifice will change the trajectory of your life.

Sacrifice, don’t invest

So when you are investing, don’t think of it as investing.  Think of it as a sacrifice.  A sacrifice that will  yield you financial freedom later on.  Low key, this wasn’t even the point of his message. He was using the term investing to show people how they sacrifice things and that they shouldn’t be afraid of investing. I flipped it and realized that my investing should be don’t sacrificially.  We are both saying the same thing but since I have been investing for so long I never connected the dots.

Throw some money away

We throw away so much money on dinners, clothes, trips, etc, why don’t we throw away some money on some assets?  When it comes to investing we want to know what the ROI is and how soon we get our money back. Well, the ROI on a Louis Vuitton is zero.  It might even be negative if you were silly enough to put it on a credit card.  We throw away so much money on looking like we have money that we don’t have money.

When you read about the worlds wealthiest you read about people who have net worth. Its never about salary on the Forbes list.  These are people who take their money and place it somewhere.  They get rid of cash, most of them don’t even have cash on hand.  Not at the levels you would think.  They take it and they throw it away to places that pay them back month after month. This can be real estate or a business, or bonds or dividend paying stocks.  The key here is that you too need to throw some money away but throw it at things that pay you not at things that just look good and depreciate.  Throw it over there and forget it existed just like you did for Ralph Lauren.

Don’t count the costs

When you sacrifice you don’t count the costs.  You aren’t focused on how many hours  your studied, you aren’t focused on how many shows you didn’t get to watch, you aren’t adding up the salary you didn’t make.  Instead you are focused on where you are going and what you want to achieve. If it costs  you more you don’t care because the goal was the end result. In investing this means financial freedom and wealth.

So many people invest and then count the costs, they count the ROI they want to know when they can get their money back. That isn’t sacrifice.  That is play play.  Sacrifice is results oriented not process oriented.  Sacrifice does whatever it takes for the end result not just enough to make it look like work/investing.  If financial freedom is your goal embrace the idea of sacrifice and stop looking at what it costs you to get to financial freedom just DO.

Change your language, change your thinking and make 2018 a year of sacrifice.  Don’t turn up, save up and invest up. If you sacrifice five years you will be five years older just like the people having a party on instagram but you will be five years wealthier while they will still be stuck at ground zero.  If you want to work with us on the stock side or real estate side we would be happy to have you. Email to join today.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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