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It’s that time of the year again. Tax refund season. That means that people are about to level up real quick.  Expect to see passport pictures with the caption “catch flights not feelings”. Expect to see new jays, expect to see new cars, Gucci bags, red bottoms… Woo! Its about to be lit.

It’s a cycle and it’s expected.  I know it’s coming and the people ready to sell you all those nice things are expecting it to come. Liquid money is what they call us. Because whenever we get money we spend it.  A paycheck for us is a paycheck for them.  Then people wonder why they outdo us in the things that matter (education, housing, generational wealth).. Because they get two paychecks, theirs and ours.


In 2018 and beyond it;s time to stop that.  It’s time to get money and make it permanent not just get money and blow it on experiences or whatever other way we want to justify blowing our money fast (see yolo, see “you can’t take it with you).

Me being a man of solutions, I have a solution for you.  That solution is to invest that refund, or at least a significant portion of that refund into our real estate, stock or ventures platform. And if not mine, invest it into someone else’s or create your own. Just don’t get it and immediately look at what you can buy.  That is a recipe for always sitting around for the refund check, forever.

Let’s talk refund

If your refund is $5,000, and you spend $5,000 you are a fool.  At the VERY least, you should preserve 10% of that money and make it disappear into something that will last longer than that trendy purse, pair of shades or shoes.  That is just $500, you can ball out of the rest, you have my permission to do that. That is it.

Ideally  you will put up more but I’m not even telling you to completely deprive yourself of nice things, I am telling you not to overdo it.

See most people who never had nice things tend to go all in when they get the chance to have nice things.  Don’t be that person.  You don’t have to spend nothing but you shouldn’t spend everything.

What do you do with that money

So what do you do with that 10% or 20% that you save? Well you can put it into something that is going to generate income for you throughout the year.  This could be a stock/equities investment portfolio where we would preserve your capital while you cash out of the capital gains.  This could be a real estate deal where you buy into a property and get rent each month.  This could be a venture deal where you invest in a business and the borrower pays interest each month, while  you preserve your capital and have a stake in ownership in their business.

So if you take $1,000 and pool that with other investors you could have a fund of $20,000.  This pool could then buy a house cash and cash flow it for about a 40% return.  This pool could use that $20,000 as a down payment on a flip in an area like Philly, Baltimore or Atlanta and double their money.  And this is just with you putting a grand in.  Imagine if you want all in and put up the full $5,000. You could double your money and/or get that 40% return. At that point you are playing with the houses money. You can pull your big baller refund out, go shopping, and still have capital to go in on the next deal.

Many people are waiting on reparations when you already have them. Time is money and most people with free housing, food and transportation can use their time to make them money. Time that people like me WISH they had.  Combine that with the tax refund and you can literally change your family tree. I have seen people do it.  When I was in banking I met with a guy who used his refund money to buy a screen printer, he grew his business and last time I talked to him he had about 8 screen printers. We have everything we need we just have to change our thinking about what we have. Use your “disadvantage” as an advantage (read Power of Broke).

The power of the club

Investing with $1000 is only possible through the power of the club at Todd Capital. No where else can you invest $1000 and combine your buying power with other people from similar backgrounds, with similar goals, operating out of similar circumstances. The power of the club is that you work with a group instead of just yourself.  There are huge benefits outside of just making money as well.  Now you are learning to be an owner, you are seeing how you can make money without labor or waiting on a government check, you are learning that profits are better than wages.  There is so much to learn and you learn by doing, by sacrificing a small nugget and applying that nugget in the real word with other nugget holders.

This year, don’t be silly with your tax money.  The time for balling out will come.  Do something that  your heirs will be proud of though. You heirs can’t inherit your likes, your dusty red bottoms or your dated purses.  They can inherit that cash flow though.  You have tried the spending thing now try the investing thing. If it doesn’t work you can always go back to spending next year.  If you want to give it a shot, email us at

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionarie



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  1. I’m interested my name is Mia D. Evans I work for the Department of Probation in NY in Queens I get paid every 2 weeks have some money in my 401k and IRA looking to do better and be financial independent.

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