Make _______ Great Again

Today I was watching a documentary on Donald Trump. Whether you agree with his tactics or not, you can’t disagree with billions. Well you can, but you would be foolish to do so.

I always study success even if I disagree with how they got there. I at least want to know. Success is so rare in certain communities that if you don’t seek it out you won’t ever find it.

One thing I heard over and over again in the documentary was making something great like it once was.  This was basically Donald Trumps investment strategy as he rose to prominence.1160b107e2da5a673572416492dd1743--new-york-central-railroad-york-hotels.jpg

Donald took the once great Commodore hotel, and turned it into the Grant Hyatt.  Trump took Atlantic City and turned it into something that rivaled Vegas. Trump took Manhattan that had turned into a dump and transformed the skyline, creating a movement for other developers to follow.  Lastly, Trump took the Mar A Lago, which had drifted into disrepair and nobody wanted it and he turned it into what it is today.

See what others don’t

There are some gems in there. What I took from it is that you have to see what others don’t see. The only reason why those deals were available is because other people couldn’t see what once was or what could be. In order to get massively wealthy you have to see what others don’t see. You will be hated and made fun of but later on, legend status abounds.

Go where there once was greatness and restore it

The biggest point here is that Trump didn’t really reinvent the wheel. Trump targets things that were once great and then reinvigorates them. He basically flips whatever he wants. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t work, he silently exits, files some paperwork and moves on. When it does work, he is made massively wealthy.

With Mar A Lago, he found a palace that was owned by the most wealthy woman in America at the time. When she passed away the place was in such poor condition that they couldn’t find anyone to buy it.  Similarly, Manhattan was once thriving but had fell on hard times and the city had fallen from the glory. The key though is that it at one time was glorious.  This indicates a willingness for others to invest there and those other investors stimulate growth in the area as well.  He made Mar a Lago and Manhattan great again.

Make Detroit Great Again

I see this “invest where greatness once was” in areas like Detroit, Brooklyn and Philadelphia. All are major cities that at America’s height had no worries.  I believe we are in for a great America renaissance and the term Renaissance basically means a re birth or a re-invigoration.  The only way to lose is to not participate. Trump would invest in Detroit.

So whatever it is that you think is terrible, if it was once great, it can be great once again. The bones are there and when you put meat back on those bones you will be handsomely rewarded. Yes they will call you crazy and out of touch and whatever. But if normal people agree with what you are doing you will just get more normal. Normal is not attractive to me. Normal is broke, waiting for payday and hoping for a week vacation.  No thanks. Ill take crazy. Ill be the one pushing to make what was once great, great again.

If its ugly and people hate it, there is money to be made.  Invest in the ugly with us today by emailing

Be great, invest well,

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