Just get started and get fancy later

We have entered the business era of America and as someone with a business and law degree I couldn’t be happier.  A pro business America allows my business to thrive. Not just the business consulting business where we help people organize their hustle with LLC filings, business plans and business development consulting, but my actual businesses in investing and real estate.  Everybody eats.

I would like to take this moment to say “I told you so”.  I told you that Trump was more for business than any of the lame conspiracies and isms they tried to lob at him and us who supported him.  It was never about hatred it was always about business. “Nothing personal, just business”.

Now one thing that I see often when it comes to business owners is that a lot of people want to go into business when everything is perfect. Well, it will never be perfect.  Your life isn’t perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist.  If you wait until all the lights are green you will never go anywhere.  Just get started.


A few days ago I found a picture of Jeff Bezos at his desk with a handwritten Amazon sign on the wall.  We all know now that Amazon is probably the biggest retailer in America.  He has come a long way.  But the key is that he got started. Jeff didn’t wait until he got a loan from Big Bank USA. Jeff didn’t wait until Joe VC showed up to write him a check.  He just got started and then when he was going his parents helped and then others helped.  People will help you when they see you working but they tend to try to stop you before you get started.

The start will fund your fancy

“I got started by selling one cd and then using that money to sell two cds”. 

Too many people want to skip steps and they want to do that by getting a loan, or getting seed money. That is a cop out.  Get started where you are with what you have.  No more excuses.

Then once you are started and you are selling you can use your money to enhance and refine your product.  Too many people want to have the best product when they launch instead of a minimum viable product that they can take to market and exchange for value.  A better strategy than waiting is to go out and even determine if people want what  you are selling.  Try something small for six months and if it works do more of that, if it doesn’t then move on to something new.

When you find something that works, take that money and plow it back into the business.  Level up everything, your website your social media your product your marketing, all of that.  When you do that you will put yourself thousands ahead of your competition who doesn’t have the money to level up their presentation.  This gives you an advantage, privilege if you will. Shout-out to privilege.

Now that you have cash this is not the time to relax or let up on your grind, this is the time to go even more in on your grind with cash to back you.  Level up everything, set yourself apart, go fancy if you want to, you earned it.  Just don’t go buy STUFF.  Leave that STUFF for your employees.  A real boss spends money on what makes them money while employees spend money making them look like the boss that they aren’t and never will be. 

The power of broke

The power of broke is a true asset.  Broke requires that you become strategic and thoughtful and figure out a way to get around your issues.  The key is that it is possible.  You might not be able to go all in but if you can go a little in you can then level up with what the business makes you. Fund your start up with your start up.  Just be careful not to cash in too soon and use that money on the good life.  The quicker you cash in the sooner your limit how high you can go.

If you are broke and struggling you are in perfect position to hustle and use that creativity to win.  If you are broke your creativity is at the highest and wealth comes through creation not through competition and not through throwing your wealth and some makeshift idea that you didn’t really have to think through because of your privilege.  There is a reason most millionaires in America are first gen and that creativity fueled by the power of broke is the reason.

Your creativity might be in your product, how you finance your product or how you get it to market.  BUT there is much more power in your creativity than there is in a bank loan or vc bucks. Tons of banks and vcs lose money on not so good ideas.

The ultimate key is that you get started and then after you get started you use that money to invest back into what you have started.  If you would like help implementing any of these ideas contact our consultants at info@capitaltodd.com.  We would love to help you with  your business plan, your LLC, your marketing or your tax and accounting work.

Be great, and invest well.

Todd Millionaire


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