10X Goals for 2018

If you don’t have any goals, you don’t have anything.  But don’t just set any goals.  Set goals that stretch and grow you and your thinking.  Set 10X goals.

What is a 10X goal?

The most basic way to to explain a 10X goal is to take your goals for 2018 and then multiply them by 10.  If your goal is $100k in working income, your 10X goal is $1m in annual income. If you goal was 10 rental properties, your 10X goal is 100 rental properties. When you strech your goals you  stretch the amount of activity that you have to engage in to meet your 10X goals.   When you 10X your activity you create a fire so big that you burn down everything in your path.

The 10X Goal Worksheet

This became clear to me when I completed the 10X goal worksheet by Grant Cardone.  On the first page of the worksheet you write out your goals for the year.  The goals are broken up into buckets just like Anthony Copeland discussed on the Millionaire Podcast Episode 48.  The buckets look like income, physical, spiritual, family, business, personal finance.  On the second page Grant makes you 10X that goal.  On the third page he asks you what you will have to give up to accomplish that goal.  On the fourth he asks what you will have to change to achieve that goal.  On the last page he asks you what have to learn to achieve that goal.

The entire worksheet is an exercise in thinking.  Thinking about your goals from all angles.  If you want something different you have to do something different and to do something different you have to understand all the things that go into why  you do what you do. For me the same things kept coming up.  I need to cut out social media and I need to cut out free time. Taking an actual audit of this helped me not just fantasize abut my goals but get real about the actions I should be taking.

The best part of that exercise, and setting 10X goals is that it makes you expand your think.  Most of us are limited by our thinking which is influenced by the thinking of those closest to us. This is why it’s good to go to the Rolls Royce dealership or go to the Yacht show or stay at the Ritz Carlton.  We are not limited by any other forces in America except for how we think.  Stretching your think via the 10X goal exercise will open you up to things that other people don’t believe is possible for them and that’s when you step into success.

10X goals in real life

A few things happen when you 10X your goals, first, you become a better person when you take more action because you are experiencing more things.  That experience sharpens you, gives you more skills and knowledge and allows you to be more effective at accomplishing your life’s work.  For example, imagine if your 10X goal required that you write a blog a month or that you podcast each week. After a year of that activity your blogging and podcast skills would be top notch.

Another thing is that when you are taking this much action you open yourself up to more good things.  One thing I realized when I started taking 10X actions was that the more I did, the better my odds of success. If one thing didn’t hit, I had 9 other things working.  Imagine if I had only 1X’ed and that one thing didn’t hit? I would end up with zero. The amazing this is when you  10X and you have multiple things hitting at the same time.  Where the 1Xer has nothing you have four or five great things layered on top of another. 10X actions follow 10X goals. 1X actions follow 1X goals.

1X goals 

When you set low 1X goals you tend to set them at a level that is attainable.  Unfortunately those attainable goals wont grow you.  It’s like I said in a tweet this morning.  Part of the degree is the piece of paper but the actual degree really is in the person you become while earning the degree.  For me, law school made me a more solid thinker, a better writer and a much harder worker that can handle a strong workload.  It wasn’t the paper, it was the process.

When you set goals that are out of reach you are going to have to work late nights, give up sleep, spend less money, read more books, watch less TV, engage in social media less, all in pursuit of a goal.  When you reach that goal the goal will be great but you will mentally be in position to take on bigger and better goals because you stretched yourself.

Achieving 1X goals is a let down

The worst thing you can do is set a low goal, achieve it, and then realize that your 1X goal isn’t actually success. Most of us don’t fail we simply aim low and succeed.  That person whose goal was to avoid jail aimed low and succeeded. The girl who wanted to make sure her kids had the same baby daddy aimed low and succeed. We always  hit our goals. If you look back on your life you will see that everything that you REALLY wanted you got.  This goes back to shoes, or clothes, or a cd.  We get what we aim for.  So aim high. Aim high and then go all in on who you can be.  Expectations and possibilities are better than being realistic.  Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.  If you have questions about proper goal setting email us at info@capitaltodd.com.  We look forward to working with you.

Be great, because you are,

Todd Millionaire


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