Have a merry lean Christmas

I just wrapped up my Christmas shopping and I came in under budget. Part of me is tempted to do a little more shopping but nah.  This part of my life is called, choosing yourself and part of choosing yourself means not living to impress others at the expense of yourself and your goals.

See, often what happens is we live all year in line with our goals and then throw it all out the windows during the holiday season.  This is in regards to our budgets, our credit/debt usage and even our diets and workout regimens.  In order to be successful you can’t allow for missteps.

I have found that if you let missteps and inevitable events (Christmas is on the same day every year) that you will always find a reason to not hit your goals or to destroy the goals you have accomplished.  Have you ever noticed that when you are doing well financially that an emergency pops up? Something that destroys the progress you recently made? This isn’t a coincidence.  The truth is that things will always pop up.  Those are probably things you ignored when you lacked the funds and then when you got the funds you decided to take care of them.

Change your programming

People who have no money are programmed not to have money. So when you get money, if you don’t really know how to exist in a world where you have money, you will destroy it.  You will go back to zero.  This is seen with lottery winners, rappers, athletes, and people who make money during bubbles.  People who get their tax refund immediately blow it all and go right back to broke. This is because broke is the baseline of their thinking.

In order to get up and stay up you have to think differently.  You have to get to the point where you aren’t shaken by the issues that pop up IF they detract you from your goals.  Skate over some things until you accumulate wealth that is indestructible.  Put that principal to work and change your family tree.

Live lean this Christmas

One of the scariest I am seeing right now, as America enters into an era of abundance in this Trump economy, is that people will be encouraged to spend it all in hopes that they get it right back.  People have short memories and will begin to act like they never knew a recession.  Don’t be those people.

I believe that it is my job to be like Joseph, the dreamer, who told Pharaoh that during the years of abundance is when you stack not when you splurge.  Because its not a matter of IF we will see a recession but WHEN. During these years when you can spend, act like you can’t and go lean.  The best time to go lean is when you don’t have to go lean. Living below your means gives your future self a lot of options. 

Imagine if you made all your money during the real estate boom but instead of buying Bentley’s and Jordan’s you stacked.  When the recession hit you would be doubling down and gobbling up the undervalued assets.  You can’t do what everyone else does if you want to be successful.

So, while everyone else is out splurging, bossing up, impressing people, I encourage you to give gifts but don’t break the bank.  Don’t go into debt, and don’t feed into the pressure of pleasing others.  Choose your finances this Christmas and give yourself the gift of getting and keeping your finances in order. That’s what I did. If you want to work with any of our personal finance consultants we would love to work with you.  Email info@capitaltodd.com today to get your free initial consultation. 

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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