How to get rich or die trying


As we get close to the end of the year that means many things. It means that it is time for the turn up (a lot of us have been doing this all year anyway), it is time for resolutions and it is time for new goals.  For the investment club it means that we are going to open the fund to people who wan’t to pull some of their investment out for other things (I don’t recommend that they do).

In one  year we have done well. We have raised a significant amount of money, roughly $55,000 in pure cash money, we have multiple holdings up double digits and our UA is on the way back.  I always told people that the early years of this experiment are about accumulating resources to go after deals not chasing the quick returns.

Nonetheless, at this turning point I began to think about the people who might not think that 7% total on one year (UA lagged us but will be back soon) is a good enough return for them.  If they all decided to leave what would I be left with?  The investment club has allowed me to do a lot of other things outside of the investment club and I would need something else that would do that same.

See what most people don’t realize is the investment club is an idea that I took from Eric Thomas in his Get Rich of Die Trying video.  In that video he gave out his formula for getting rich which was giving quality away in order to build a name and a brand.  What ET did was release weekly motivation videos, consistently, which opened doors to other things.  What I did, is created an investment club, which opened doors for me to do podcast interviews, host my own podcast, build the real estate fund and now a venture capital fund. In 2018 we are actually going to begin the process of becoming a private equity company.

If Todd Capital were to go away, I would find something else to give away.  That was the answer.  Now I don’t think that Todd Capital will ever die because Todd Capital is in every part of my being.  From my degrees, my work experiences, licenses and the books and podcasts I read.  Todd Capital is my lane, therefore I dominate.  However, what you should take from this is that whatever you do you need to do for free, at scale.  You need 250 who know about you and have done business with you. You need to cast the net wide and reel in the fish.

If you are a graphic designer you should be designing sites, for free. If you sell t shirts, give away a bunch to influences for free. Etc. While you are doing this you need to be putting out content and giving away a ton of game and ideas as more people become aware of what you do.

I am super anti follow your passion in your dream. However, what I learned is that I love business and finance so much that I am willing to do most of what I do for free.  I took a week and filed LLCs for my followers, for free, I have taken major discounts just to help people get their deals going because I love what I do.  While I was doing all of this I was also getting more polished and refined at my craft.  It all works together.

When you give your gift away you aren’t losing. You can’t run out of action chips and the world is a lot bigger than you think.  Those 100 paid clients you nickled and dimed kept you from the millions of people who can use your service.  Think bigger.  100 people aren’t going to make you wealthy.  So why nickle and dime every potential client.  When you get like me where I get ten DMs per day from people looking for advice then you are FORCED to charge because you can’t manage to get to everyone and you have to weed people out.

The key though is that step one is giving your gift away. And don’t give away some lame gift.  Give away something that will help people.  It will only make you better at what you do. So, don’t be selfish, don’t be greedy and think bigger than just 100 bucks that you will get for whatever.  You need more people to know of your work and you will get there by doing work.  If you want to work with either of our consultants to help you expand and grow your business please reach out. We would love to work with you.  Email

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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