The state of black wealth in America

The last few years, and more so the last few months, have been great for black America (Make Black America Great Again).  You won’t hear this on the news so allow me to share with you SOME of the great things we are seeing.

  • The share of blacks in congress is at an all time high
  • 9 out of 10 young black adults ages 25 to 29 have completed high school or its equivalent — the same ratio as the national average.
  • There are 59% more black men in post secondary education than jail.
  • Black fathers ages 15 to 44 had the highest rates of helping children with homework and taking them to and from activities of any race.

I had to dig for those facts, most of the news these days is bad.  Here are some facts based on articles I have read and things I have noticed lately.

  • There is a record number of black businesses being created.
  • Black women are the most educated group in America.
  • We have a huge wave of financial experts sharing their wisdom with the black community via social media.
  • Black real estate investing entrepreneurship is rising.

A lot of things are going well for us.  We are living during a time I like to call the new black renaissance, (unfortunately) sparked by a state of helplessness promoted by liberals and the like (see Bernie Sanders, see also @deray and @shaunking), but also a pro business America that promotes creation and ownership.

The problem is that you don’t see images of the great things we are doing.  And when you don’t see your greatness you think that greatness is just not possible.  I think this is by design. Thankfully in the age of social media we can share our own story. Welcome to my blog.  I am here to put so much content out there that I shape the narrative of what it means to be black in America. Not some out of touch executive who is heavily invested in private prisons and therefore needs to create an environment that creates more criminals.

In writing this article I had a hard time finding anything positive on the internet about the state of wealth in black america.  Every story seems to be about how we are so far behind white people and all the negative stats that support that idea. But in the real world we seem to be winning.  The articles would make you think none of us are winning (which is ridiculous) and that we can’t ever win (which is also ridiculous). Everyday I see evidence that we own businesses, we hire our own, we develop real estate, we live great lives.  We win.

The problem is that even if those articles are true, its up to us to change the future we want our kids to see.  It’s up to us to live better lives now, not sit in our poop and complain about the smell.  Get up and CHANGE yourself.  I am not naive to our plight.  I am naive to our helplessness. I just don’t believe that it exists.

The problem I have with a lot of those articles is they give people an excuse to do nothing. If race, something you cant control, prohibits you from gaining wealth, then there is no reason to try. As a result, folks sit around and dwell instead of getting to work.  The problem is that what is presented as fact doesn’t actually empower anyone.

The black folks that win in America have the same problems as the black folks that lose. The difference is their perspective and their resolve to do something and be better. That is available for all of us and the nation as a whole benefits when we are all productive.  Nobody wants you to not be productive. Nobody wants you to not add value to the country.  Help MAKE America Great don’t just sit on the sidelines waiting and hoping.  Hope is a terrible strategy.  Get in the game.

Contrary to the media, there are a ton of black folks who HAVE made it.  There are a ton of black folks who will make it.  There are a ton of black folks who can improve the lives of their heirs so they at least start off further ahead than them.  Make some progress. Reading articles should light a fire up under you.  I personally see it as a challenge to prove people wrong. They are placing a chip on your shoulder.

We have to change though.  If what you have been doing hasn’t been working, do something different.  We need a complete shift.  A complete morph.  Every single thing we do now has us where we are.  If we don’t shift we will have to continue to live this life.  But we also wont get success.

What does that look like? Well, we party a lot. We club a lot. We have a lot of nice clothes, shoes and cars.  But we don’t make stuff move.  I would rather we stack our wealth and be able to lobby for laws or bring in private police who have our best interest than turn up and then complain that the government isn’t doing their job.  We have to change, we have to do something different.

Whenever I say that black america should be great again I always get push back from people with very short memories (recession years).  The truth is that at one point in time we were flourishing in business and ownership, we had two parent homes, we valued education.  Little do they know, there are STILL pockets of black America that are doing well and will continue to do well.  Black Wall St in Tulsa was not the only black wall street.  PG County is not the only well do to black area in the US.  We do well, we are great, but we aren’t exposed to the greatness. That greatness is hidden in favor of shows like Power and Real Housewives.  We only see the images that other cultures, who don’t have a vested interest in our greatness, choose to promote.  We only learn the history that other cultures, who don’t have our best interest at heart, choose to teach us.  Imagine if we learned about Alonzo Herndon or HR Russel or AG Gaston or Reginald Lewis in middle or high school. Would that child think that only white folks can achieve greatness then? That is the purpose of everything I do, to expose folks to our greatness.  If anyone is going to showcase or represent us, it’s going to be us.

See, we can read those articles and decide that we will never win. OR, we can change and adapt so those articles look different in ten years.  First and foremost, we have to stop chasing white folks. The illusion of whiteness as the pinnacle is a farce.  Immigrants are the true winners in America.  Immigrants that come here with zero generational wealth just a lot of strong generational habits that allow them to transcend their status.  That is a different post for a different day.  But we are chasing the wrong target.  The longer we chase whiteness we only ensure that we will never win.  The key isn’t to win at their game the key is to create our own lane.  You cant win if you copy.  If you want to rock with the Todd Capital Investment Club in 2018 I want you to get down.  Email for more information.

Be great, invest well

Todd Millionaire



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