Consumption never ends

Once you go high, you have to keep living high.  Consumption never ends.  When I was in college I was broke af.  I had no money. I don’t even know how I existed.  I worked part time but still didn’t manage to have any money. That was hard living.  I’ll never forget when my sands (frat bro) was free styling and used the line “he spends all his money, that’s why he is broke” in a line.  It didn’t make sense to me at 20, but at 31 I finally get it! LOL. Took me 12 years.

My sands is African and was born with a 700 credit score.  The guy probably has an 800 now that he has finally bought a home.  Looking back on that moment though I probably had on some fresh Jays with some expensive jeans and a nice tee or something. I spent a lot of money trying to be the flyest thing on campus.  It worked, I had all the women. All of them. Every single one of the women. I thought I was winning but my bank account was like stop it b.

Looking back at my 20 year old self I can see that I really didn’t know what I was doing financially.  I was a huge consumer.  I continued to be that consumer all the way up until recently.  Not until I really started getting heavy into real estate did I stop the consumption junction.  It takes a lot of money to get into real estate and being that I saw/see real estate as the thing that is going to catapult me into millionaire status I had to make a choice. Impress people, or build.

The thing that really helped me get into build mode was getting around a millionaire who lived VERY low. I’m talking can afford to buy whatever you want but instead buys nothing. I saw this in two areas.  I saw this from a Jew, and I saw this from a woman in Watts.  Both, massively wealthy, both, living below their means.

See when I was doing all that flossing it wasn’t just me flossing. Everyone on campus was flossing. In fact, I was actually doing a little bet less flossing than most because my flossing actually came out of my working income not grants or financial aid (middle class people don’t get aid). So I was spending money to compete with folks who were in a completely different government funded lane than me. There is a lesson there. The people you are around drive what success looks like. 

Today, I am heavily against consumption because consumption leads to more consumption which leads you on a cycle of spending everything and retaining nothing. See every year that a new iPhone comes out or a new pair of sneakers drops or a new car gets released the people who live consumer culture run off and throw their money at them.  Spending money does’t equal having money and consumers get poor. The producers of those products get rich.

Consumption not only causes you to buy the same items over and over but it also causes you to buy other things around those purchases.  When is the last time someone bought new Jordan’s and didn’t get the outfit to go with it? When is the last time you went on a trip and didn’t buy new clothes, new luggage, eat steak and drink champagne? See the consumer lifestyle never ends. It often causes us to live ABOVE our means and it really puts you behind the 8 ball.

At 31, I’m good on impressing people that just hate or try to one up.  I no longer desire to consume and consume without producing things that will level up my life. I have run that race.  I have seen that it doesn’t work.

Lets use some number though to help you see that this is real. 

Say for example you take that extra money you would spend on dinners, clothes, trips, etc for ONE YEAR and punt it all.  That is about 400/month on dinner, 250 month on clothes, $1000/quarter on trips, $100/month on concerts and I’m sure there is some other baller IG stuff I’m missing but this is good. Lets total this up:


$13,000 a year on nonsense. Experiences and depreciating junk that you will never get back. That’s not including what you bought on credit cards and that’s not including alcohol and random money. That is a rental property that will cashflow 400/month which can then fund your spending forever.  Off one year of sacrifice.

If you live that life for 5 years, invested at 12% interest (not crypo gains but it will do), that would put you at $66,000, not to mention your income should be increasing over this time.  You could buy a property per year and in five years you wouldn’t have to work for anyone.  In five years you will have a nugget of wealth that is indestructible and can be deployed into a ton of other opportunities as well.  In five years you can go back to spending on whatever you want but you will at least have capital, which will allow you to be a capitalist.

In closing, consumption robs you and your heirs of their wealth. Consumption robs you of your start up seed money. Consumption robs you of your dreams. Kill the consumption and start building.  Your heirs can’t inherit your IG likes.

Be great, invest well,



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