Got them Jays though


This morning as I was driving to the office I got a revelation.  We just recently filled our rental and we had to choose between two potential tenants.  We had to choose between an elderly lady with a low credit score and a young male with a very good credit score.  Both of their incomes were relatively the same (there is a gem here).

Your circumstances don’t matter, your decisions within your circumstances matter.  

When she texted me this morning she told me that she had been praying and hoping for a blessing and now she doesn’t know where to go.  My response was that prayer and hoping doesn’t pay the bills.  I’m sorry.  I am a Christian and I love Jesus but prayer doesn’t make up for bad life choices.  Prayer and hoping will not cure you of your poor financial habits.  I told her we were actually doing her a favor. 

Where other landlords would charge her a double deposit and give her what she wanted, I instead gave her some personal finance advice.  That advice was, go live with family or a friend for six months and use your working income to pay off the six collection accounts she had that were holding her back.  She could even afford to invest in a credit repair service like the one offered by Will on Episode 29 of the Millionaire Podcast (  In six months she will be able to rent or buy wherever she wants.  What does this have to do with Jordan’s? I’ll tell you.

Got them Jays though

The phrase “got them jays though” applies to people who make poor financial decisions (purchases) doing what looks good at the expense of furthering their financial situation. Most people lose the game of personal finance because of their spending, not their income.  It is so much easier to cut your expenses than it is to double your income. We tend to spend because we want to look good and look like we have it.  We do it because we don’t have it.  People who have it tend to be content with having it.  This is why middle class athletes spend money different than the ones that come from poverty.

In this instance, what looks good is being independent and getting her own place.  This lady had recently broke up with her boyfriend and what better way to show you can do it on your own than to get your own place.  Well, eff that dude and her feelings that she needed to dig a bigger hole to show him what she can do.  Low self esteem is a death trap.

I am guilty of this which is why I am going cold turkey on everything. No watches, no suits, no vacations, no nothing.  I have seen what my life looks like when I live that IG life, now I want to see what the opposite looks like.  A lot of times people read these blogs and think I am promoting myself as someone that has it all together, I don’t.  I am still a work in progress taking the very same advice I give.

Got them Jays though is a culture that will keep us further back in the wealth race just like it is promoted in the articles that are written about how we will never catch up in the wealth gap.  They are saying that if we always do what we have always done we will always get what we have always gotten.  If we keep doing what we have always done we will always get what we have always gotten.  People love to talk about how in Africa we had gold so we want gold here. Well bro we aren’t in Africa, we are in America and the rules of the game are played different.  Insert the $30,000 Millionaire.

The 30,000 Millionaire 

LA is the land of the 30,000 millionaire.  A lot of people live in the projects but look like they live in Beverly Hills.  It might feel good now but long term you and your heirs will suffer.  Living in the projects and looking like royalty is the epitome of Got them Jays though.  Another example of this are the luxury car drivers that don’t own where they live.  They would rather you see them shining because you can take the car with you out on the streets but you can’t see their house because it can’t move.  If people can’t see that you have money you don’t have money, duh. 

The desire to have people see you will keep you poor.  In more ways than one.  People seeing you is a never ending black hole of spending and consuming as newer models come out.  People seeing you shining also paints you as a target for fraud, robbery and poor people using you as the solution to their problems.  If people know you have money to solve their problems they will find a problem for you to solve.

There is a natural order to things and when you do things in the right order other things flow.  The natural order is house first, car after.  When you do this you dictate the terms of your car loan not the other way around.  It is easier to look good than it is to be good.  But being good is better.

Punt them Jays bro

Got them Jays though, in this instance, for our tenant was to rent her own place when she needs to focus instead on cleaning up her mess.  She would have kicked the can down the road when she needed to sacrifice six months to clean up her life. If we rented the house to her she would have had to pay our rent, plus the utilities, and try to squeeze in debt pay down at small amounts per month.  She might never get there.  At 50 years old, something has to change.

Your got them jays though might be your hair, or your car, or your deluxe apartment in the sky.  I don’t know what it is but as I have said before, you can give up your Jays and not die.  There are some high cost items that are eating into your financial future and its up to you to punt them while you focus on the things that matter, those are usually the things that people can’t see.  This might mean you need a better circle though.  If you hang around people who always have the newest and hottest you will feel pressured to get the newest and hottest.  At a certain point in life you have to get fed up though. You have to get tired of doing the same thing.  If you don’t change, nothing will change.

This blog isn’t for the complacent, it isn’t for the excuse makers, it is for those who want to win.  Period.  I don’t write or post for everybody I post for those that want true lasting permanent financial success.  Everyone else can find another blog that gives you excuses and good reasons.  You can have your excuses or you can have success.  Success doesn’t care about your oppression or your history.  Don’t put change off to someday.  The road to someday leads to never.  Adopt the mentality that someday equals today.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire


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