What the investment club is and what the investment club is not

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In just one year we have accomplished so much.  It is amazing to think what we can do in ten years, if we all march to the same drum and stick with the vision. In doing this club thing for as long as we have, I have picked up some ideas based on different experiences that I think will make for a better club experience for all involved.  The goal is longevity and with that comes with a refinement of the process. Please keep and open mind.

What the investment club is

A powerful force of group economics

The investment club is a force of group economics.  There aren’t too many people who can move 100k to take on an opportunity, but the club can.  And its really as simple as that.  A lot of things that really make you money in America cost big money.  This goes for million dollar buildings, sports franchises, restaurants, existing businesses, you name it.  The sad thing is that the thing that can solve your money problems tends to be out of reach because of your money problems.  The club is here to close the gap. After you close the gap and begin to pull the cash out of the opportunity you can then acquire more and more using the cash flow from the opportunity.  It becomes a snowball of wealth, then you look up and there ain’t no wealth gap bihhh.

Seriously though, it takes deals to do deals.  It takes wealth to create wealth.  You can work hard or you can work smart.  You can work 20 years and save or you can work one year and combine your efforts with 20 people.  You still have to work but using your brain lets you strategically place yourself in position to win a lot faster than you would if you depended solely on your own resources.

A multiplier

I haven’t read the book The Compound Effect yet but I am sure that he talks about the aspect of compounding in all ares of life.  I think that for some reason people think that compounding can only come from interest but compounding happens all around us.  Think Chinese Water Torture.  That small drop over and over and over and over and over again starts to hurt like crazy over time.

The investment club is that small drop, your contributions are that small drop over and over and over again pretty soon we are doing the pushing not the reacting.  Another aspect of the multiplier is the drops of multiple people.  I don’t want people to get so caught up in the return on the money they invest but in the bigger opportunities we can walk into with a pool of money.  This is part of the reason I am more pro Bivio x Scottrade as opposed to our Voleo platform.  If we have control we have flexibility, turning it over to Voleo violates one of the biggest benefits of the group.  That is also a reason I hate the ROI question.  We have to first build the base of wealth before we worry about ROI guys.

The wealthy don’t live out of their wealth.  The wealthy use their wealth to create returns that they then live out of.  An example is the office I work out of.  The owner has 200m but he doesn’t eat the 200m, he eats what he generates off the 200m.  You don’t have to do crazy returns to eat off 200m btw. A solid 5% will have you earning 10m per year. Don’t rush the ROI.  Rush the accumulation of capital then worry about ROI.

Many people becoming ONE

The biggest thing here is that we are a unit, we are a community and each of us is depending on the other.  The great thing about this form of interdependence is that not only are they depending on you but they are supporting you.  Their money helps your money go further and your money helps theirs go further.

We need unity in the community if we are going to really do anything of substance.  Nothing great was ever accomplished by individuals.

What the club is not 

A place for personal advancement and grandstanding 

This is a perfect place to put the “personal advancement” piece, right after the concept of “becoming one”.  The investment club is not a place to prove that you are the smartest person in the room.  The investment club is a place to teach and share and learn.  Shooting down ideas, telling people they are wrong and not providing anything in return does more harm than good.  We will let you go and the club will continue to grow.  We will still love you though.

A bank

The investment club is not a place to temporarily store money.  Investing in this club is a long term 3-5 year commitment, not a three month trial, not a short term holding place.  When you treat the club like that you ruin investments by forcing the club to sell at inopportune times.  Doing so will cause you to forfeit your gains, pay commission to exit the trade, wire the funds and you will not be allowed back in the club for one year.  The goal here is to encourage you to stay not punish you for leaving.  So I recommend being exactly certain you want to invest in the club for the stated time commitment.

What we are doing here is serious business.  People are investing big money and we are trying to tackle a huge problem.  I recommend doing what you can to ensure that you stay in the club for the duration.  That might mean starting smaller, that might mean not starting at all.  We would love to  have you on board but rules are rules.  Do whatever you need to do to make sure you are on board 100%.

A slot machine

We are building wealth guys. Wealth, not riches.  Riches come over night, wealth is generational.  You cant get wealth just by hopping in for three months and expecting manna to rain from above.  You can get wealth with a consistent plan, sacrifice and patience.  That is what we ask.  There are so many moving pieces, so many lives involved and a lot of things flying around. Thus we need people committed to the long goal, putting group over self and trusting the process.  What we are able to do as a result of this mindset is far above any of the few thousands you can get short term trading or trying to time the market investing on your own.  We have seen it via real estate and now stepping into buying a business.  Its bigger than stocks.  Stocks is just what started this.

If you would like to join our amazing club please email us at info@capitaltodd.com

Be great, invest well,

Charles “Todd Millionaire” Oglesby


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