The crazy thing about investing is that both of us can be right

Social media is a great tool.  Social media allows you to find people who agree with you (your tribe), it allows you to meet people nationwide, it allows you to market your business to the globe, it opens up doors that would not otherwise be open.  Social media did for the world what the internet once did, connected people and things.

With this newfound freedom also comes with it the ability to find people that disagree with you, nationwide.  In real life (the non social media world) we tend to drift toward people who have the same interests.  Our family, friends, coworkers tend to share the same traits either naturally or by homeostasis.  On the internet there is this disconnect.  People might look like you on the outside but they were born and raised in a completely different setting and circumstances.  For some reason though we seem to think that skin color and appearance is the end all for likes, dislikes and political views.

Life is not a college class

While there is a ton of disagreement, the great thing is that life isn’t a college class.  Sometimes there is more than one answer to a question.  It is possible for both people to be right.  For example, a stock can go up and go down. If you said it would go up and it goes down it will likely come back up if you hold it long enough.  The same is true.  The person who bet against you won and you won too.  Just different time periods.

Avoid the comment section

A lot of the times internet arguments and disagreements cause people to dig their heels into the ground.  This happens a lot in the comment sections.  One person thinks Trump is bad, one person thinks Trump is good. One person thinks Snap is bad, on person thinks Snap is good.  The key is that everyone is right.  There is truth in all of those opinions.

Put money on it

Because this blog is related to investing I have to tie this back to investing.  A lot of times I say that the culture doesn’t lose because we pick the wrong stocks or wrong property, the culture loses because we get so caught up in picking the right stock or property and end up buying no stocks or property.  It is not about being right or wrong, it is about taking action.  There are a ton of people who only take action in the comment section.  Whether they are right or wrong makes no difference because they wont take action anyway.

Don’t be a comment section champion.  Take action and let the world determine what is right not the validation of likes and RTs.  At the end of the day if you are right but you didn’t get paid for it you are still wrong.  If you want to join our booming investment club email us at

Be great, invest well

Todd Millionaire

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