How I saved up enough money to invest


A lot of people want to invest, not a lot of people have the money to invest.  Or so they think.  This blog post is about how you can find the money you already have to invest and start creating wealth for yourself and your family.

Sell your stuff

A lot of, if not all, the money you need to invest lies in the items you own.  I know that I am guilty of this.  A lot of people accumulate things that collect dust that could be sold or lent out for extra cash or income.  The equity you need for a deal is already in your home.  Think TV, game system, watches, jewelry, sneakers.

You likely have about $1000+ sitting in your house in items you could liquidate to start your nest egg.  This is just a basic concept but it is something that people like Lisa Phillips stands on.  Most people work all year and have nothing to show for it financially.  This is because it is lying around their home in depreciating junk.  The sooner you sell it the faster you can end the depreciation of those items and start the uptrend back.

Give up weekends

There is so much wealth in your weekends.  I have found that working weekends is a double bonus in many ways.  Working weekends, when other people aren’t working allows you to double up on them.  They are spending while you are bringing in money. Additionally, you are working at at time when you would be spending.  Any dollar that you don’t spend is a dollar earned.  If you are earning while you aren’t spending you are doubling up.  It’s magic!

Most people don’t know this but there was a time when Americans worked a six day work week.  I believe it was Henry Ford who introduced the five day work week because he realized that while he would lose the productivity at his plant, he would increase revenue because people would then have time to spend money.  His strategy proved correct and we have been on a five day work week ever since.  If God, someone who needed no rest, only rested for one day what makes you think you need two?  The theory is that God didn’t rest because he NEEDED to, he rested because he wanted to set a precedent.  You don’t have to go full retard and work both Sat and Sunday like me, but by just adding one less day of idle time you will add tremendous value to your finances.  On the contrary, idle time will ruin your finances.  If you aren’t working you will spend.  Similarly, if your money isn’t working it will get spent.  Give both your money and yourself NO DAYS OFF.

There is a ton of money just in your weekends.  What I do is I manage my budget around my weekend money and I then invest and save the full time weekly money.  It’s tight, but the long term gains are humongous.

Stop trying to keep up with people on the internet 

The main problem with keeping up with people on the internet is that people on the internet aren’t even keeping up with themselves.  People borrow clothes, hold other peoples bottles, take pictures in other peoples cars in addition to all of the things they personally own, just to make themselves look like more than they are.  MJ Demarco calls this “Hyper Reality”.  If you thought keeping up with the Joneses was hard, keeping up with the Insta-Joneses is even harder.  The Insta-Joneses are the Joneses with filters and angles.  The best way to keep up with them is to not keep up with them.

If you see someone with designer everything, eating at [insert trendy steak spot], vacationing at Turks and Caicos, off a 9-5, something is very wrong.  Those are not the people you wan’t to compete with.  What you realize is that, just like Christopher Senegal said, on the Millionaire Podcast episode 28, the best thing to do with that money is to go all in on your investments.  My philosophy is that the best way to out-vacation the constant vacationers is to not vacation.  The best way to out “got them jays” the “got them jays-ers” is to not get Jays.  Staying in your lane and not competing over nonsense will take you far into the lanes that matter. If you add up all that vacation money and Jordan money and put it to work you would have more than enough money to invest.  So, the key to having money to invest is to not do what average people are doing.  Avoid it like the plague.

Get ugly

To have enough money saved you have to be willing to get ugly.  This means that you have to be willing to not be the freshest and the flyest so you can then take that money and put it to work.  Being the freshest and the flyest is so overrated.  I have been that guy my entire life and it yielded me nothing but haters and one-uppers.  If you have to choose to place your discretionary income on looking fly or being actually fly, choose the latter until the assets allow you to do both.

I haven’t met a legit millionaire who was stunting on niggas.  A lot of them fly under the radar and keep it cool because when people know you have it you all of a sudden become the solution to all of their problems.

This is one reason but when you are always up on the trends you have to constantly spend money to keep up.  This is the opposite of wealth.  Constantly keeping up means you are constantly throwing money into the liability column.  When you become content with what you have even if its not the newest and hottest, you free up cash to take down deals.  This cash then allows you to take down deals and more deals and more deals.  The goal is to live low, do deals and then create the snowball.  Why do you think Warren Buffet lives in the same home he always has and drives the same car he always has.  You have to decide which path you are going to take and there is likely no grey area.


When I came to the point where I stopped trying to be the coolest person on the internet it freed up cash to win at investing.  I encourage you to do the same.  If you live like no one else you can later live like no one else.  It doesn’t have to be twenty  years from now it could be five years out but life is long so you will still have time to live truly free not look free but clocking in saying “yes suh” to a jerk who low balled you on your salary. You have to eat dirt temporarily so you can live in the clouds five years from now.  Get ugly!

Be great,

Todd Millionaire


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