Stop focusing on “white supremacy” and start focusing on your own supremacy


The events that took place this weekend were blown way out of proportion.  It seems as though people are shocked that there are white people who don’t like you.   I am here to tell you that the actions and views of “white supremacists” are not your problem and the problem isn’t their “supremacy”.  The problem is you don’t believe in, act on or create your own supremacy.

I always use the sports analogy because I think people can relate to it.  Let’s say that you are a Knicks fan and I am a Warriors fan.  You obviously think your team is supreme and I think mine is supreme.  That is to be expected.  Who am I to demonize you for having pride in your team? That is what you are supposed to do.

Too many people waste time trying to get opposing team members to have pride in their team and put their team’s interest at heart.  Too little people spend time building, unifying and strengthening their team.

Black people create white supremacy

We see this desire for white affirmation all the time.  Most recently this was the “Oscars so white” campaign.  All of these things just promote “white supremacy”.  Another example was the Moonlight issue. Or the diversity agenda.  Or the issue with affirmative action.  Or or or.  We are always fighting to get accepted into white spaces just to then complain about how their spaces prefer them.  Again, that is what their spaces are supposed to do.

Is their acknowledgement that important to you?  In placing their views of yours and their acceptance on a pedestal, guess what you just did? You promoted and you created their supremacy.  You place their awards above your own award shows.  You place their businesses above your black businesses.  You created white supremacy, not them.

We should be supporting black schools, black business, and black family the way we fight to be accepted by white people.  Beyonce has done this, Jay Z has done this, these people will avoid the BET awards just to march and fight to be accepted into the Grammy’s.  How low can you go?

Power matters

For some reason we think that everyone gets to have pride in their culture, but white people.  There is black pride and brown pride and gay pride but apparently white pride is different.  I say let them be proud, but still build up your own team and develop your own so that you can compete despite their pride.

Power is the ability to get things done despite resistance.  Those are Dr. Claude Anderson’s words, not mine (read Powernomics).  No other culture in america is seeking for other people to be less proud in themselves before they can make moves.  That is victim thinking.  That is slave thinking.  That is another way people perpetuate the same supremacy that they say doesn’t exist.


Your goal must be to dominate them in the face of their fake supremacy. That is how you show that they aren’t supreme.  Build better products, better technology, stronger families, stronger schools, by investing in what matters.  We need to create the change, we need to build and dominate.  We don’t need the President to say something to change the hearts and minds of people who at best are apathetic about your existence.

“You’ll have far better luck toughening yourself up than you ever will trying to take the teeth out of a world that is—at best—indifferent to your existence.” 

You don’t strengthen yourself and your culture by getting a political figurehead to make a statement.  We had eight years of statements yet here we are, still fighting for more statements.  That is not power.  That is the illusion of power.  Power, again, is getting things done EVEN if the President is against you.

Make moves

Taking it back to sports, one thing I admire about Lebron’s move to Miami was that he took his destiny in his own hands.  He didn’t sit around waiting for talent to come to him. He didn’t sit around in Cleveland and complain about how Cleveland isn’t in a major market and that it’s cold out there and nobody is going to do anything for him. Even though those were all factually correct and he could have leaned on that if he wanted to. He went out and he made it himself because all the excuses he had, no matter how valid, would not have gotten him a ring.

Nobody cares, work harder

One thing you have to realize is that all the good reasons you have for not winning are factual.  Yes, its hard, yes it hurts, yes there is racism, yes there are people against you, but at the end of the day even with all these facts that doesn’t change the fact that you aren’t winning.  You can have excuses or you can have progress but you cant have both.  Imagine a weight lifter complaining about how heavy the bar is and how hard the bar is and how he has callouses.  He is right about all of that but that doesn’t change the fact that he needs to lift that weight.  He can develop the skill to lift it or he can suffer under the weight of it his entire life.  Its his choice.

Raise your expectations

I think that this speaks more to the expectations placed on Lebron than anything. Lebron was expected to win and when he didn’t win he had to find a way.  Unfortunately, most people in our culture expect to lose.  They expect to come in last or be over looked.  When you have a conversation with them and they use the phrase “just a black man” in the same argument where they talk about equality you can see that they have a losers frame of mind. So it is in one part that you have to do whatever it takes but you also have to establish the mindset of someone who expects to win.

Adapt and thrive

Another example is that the Warriors, after losing to Lebron, went and recruited more talent to strengthen their team.  They adapted, they came back bigger and stronger.  Not only that, backing it up for a second, the entire concept of their team was a way to defeat Lebron.  They realized that you couldn’t just have a big 3, they needed a big five and then a big bench and a big coach.

The problem isn’t that Lebron and his super team (aka white supremacy) existed, the problem is that people don’t want to adapt and thrive.  The problem isn’t that “white supremacy” exists, the problem is that we don’t want to adapt and thrive.  This is a common theme though in black culture (I know there are exceptions to this rule).  We always throw our hands up at problems.  We throw our hands up at gentrification, at oppression, at unjust laws, at shootings, instead of becoming better to overcome.

Stop the blame game

Take a lesson from not just the Jews, and the Asians but also the Nigerians.  As a matter of fact, there are black families that have done the same.  You cant stay the same and expect change.  You have to learn the rules and then play the game better than everyone on the board.  The rules in America are laid out.  We all know them. It’s not that we don’t know what to do the problem is that we don’t want to do them because it hurts and its uncomfortable.  If that is the case, just acknowledge that YOU don’t want to do what it takes.  Don’t blame external sources and don’t place the limits you created for yourself onto others just because they share the same skin color as you.

Be great, invest well,

Todd Millionaire

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