Change creates millionaires


There are a few companies that are changing the world.  You can see them. Those companies are Tesla, Snapchat, Under Armour, Amazon, Netflix etc.  These are the companies that are building the future via creation not merely sustaining what already exists.  These people are improving the world and there is a lot of money to be made in betting on the future.  That is why I am LONG on what is to come.

Get In Early

Change creates millionaires and that is why I am so excited about the possibilities.  If you can get ahead of that change and buy low, you are poised to make good money.  There will be some dips along the way but if you have the courage to stay the course, double down and go all in on your convictions you will be the ones they write about similar to how they write about the guys who got in with Apple early.

Haters Gonna Hate

For some reason whenever you talk about what is to come there are always some haters telling you that it isn’t possible.  I recently read a tweet by a Morgan Stanley banker who was ranting and raving about how TSLA is over valued and people are going to lose their shirt.  Bro, they have been saying this about TSLA since before the Model S.

When you talk about all the great things that Snap can do, you get haters who only talImage result for amazon lifetime chartk about what they haven’t done yet.  That trade makes sense in the short term but long term those guys are going to get smoked.  I’ll take a 50% loss for a 900% gain long term.  

Always keep in mind that where a company starts is not where it ends.  when you have a huge budget and a lot of vision you can pivot and dominate.  Netflix started out in the DVD rental business, Amazon sold books, Apple made crappy computers that you used to play Oregon Trail.

Be On the Lookout For Bias

You have to understand that there are successful people who have a vested interest in keeping the world the way that it is right now.  The problem is that there is no BIG money in that for you.  All the money in those industries has already been made.

The person who made the comment about Tesla was obviously biased.  I am willing to be that a part of those billions is invested in old tech and old dirty energy that will soon be obsolete or at the very least, less relevant.  You have to be careful about who you take opinions from, even me.  When it comes to investing, there are a lot of people who have positions that benefit when you are influenced by their opinions.  They push you away from clean tech because they have a position in oil.  They push down Under Armour because they are emotionally tied to Jordan and Nike.  Neither have anything to do with the underlying fundamentals.  Don’t be swayed.

As I just said, the people who are bearish against the new things that are emerging are usually the people who are bullish on the way that things where.  The people who reject change are usually the ones who benefit from things staying the same.

It’s All About Vision

I have found that most people lack vision.  They lack the ability to look at what is, look at the trends and imagine a new world.  I was reminded of this yesterday when I was leaving the gym.  I was walking through the parking lot and saw tons of car charging ports.  It wasn’t just the few ones at the front.  They now had them positioned at the back and sides.  It wasn’t just a Tesla being charged but a Fiat.

It isn’t enough to be right anymore.  If you aren’t profiting when you are right, you might as well have been wrong.  Now its about knowing what you know and going long, or short, on what you know.  You don’t need your peers and their limited knowledge to confirm what you believe.  You only need the market and your net worth to do so.

What Is To Come

Image result for augmented reality gif

We are coming into a new world of augmented and virtual reality, electric cars, solar homes with batteries that are off the grid and cheap high quality TV on demand worldwide.  I don’t want to be the person that missed out on that wave staying on the shores for safety protecting a few grand that wouldn’t change my life even if I never lost a dime of it.  I don’t want to be the person banking on blue chips because I can’t stomach a ten percent dip for exponential returns.  I play to win not to not lose and that is the reason why our portfolio wins.  I want you to win with us.  Email to join our investment club today.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire


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