Making Temporary Money Permanent


I was listening to a Boyce Watkins talk where he was talking about how and why Master P is worth $350 million.  I have my ideas, I think it’s because he started his own label as opposed to hustling for a deal.  This allowed him to make money off his own talent, make money off others talent, and put his family on.  Dame Dash would be proud.  That is another post for another day but Boyce made a point that P was always looking to flip the money he had.

He gave an example that if you have $10,000 are you looking to flip or invest that money or are you looking to improve your lifestyle.  This is a concept that I have been harping on for some time.  Our culture is unique in that most of our parents had us young and we were taught from a young age to hold off on kids.  So you see a lot of 30 year old and older folks with no kids.  This is great because we live the life our parents wanted to live.  We travel, we eat good, we dress well. It’s great.  But my question is are we maximizing the use of this money?

Lifestyle is overrated 

Master P took the $10,000 that he inherited and created a record label.  A lot of people would have taken that same money and popped bottles in the club.  This is the difference between $350 mil 20 years later and living pay check to pay check 20 years later.  Are you using your free cash to double up or are you using it for a temporary fix of materialism?  The key is to take that $10,000 and make it permanent by putting it to work.

Investment Club Creates Wealth Through Preservation 

Every member of the investment club has done just that. We have not taken a loss.  Yes we are invested, yes that money is at risk, but everyone in the club is wealthier now than before they got involved.  All because they took that money they would have spent and put it to work.  I believe that we have to take that free, single no kids, cash that will likely be absorbed by a spouse and kids later in life and instead of posting pics on the internet we use it as the cash to pool together with others and buy up and invest in our communities.  We use it to invest in our own or our friend’s businesses.  We use it to acquire permanent assets that cash flow our lifestyle.

Wealth is Permanent 

Why am I so infatuated with permanent money? Because wealth is permanent, you cant get rid of wealth.  By taking your temporary money and making it permanent through real estate, notes, dividend paying stocks, bonds, etc, you create wealth.  Without permanent money you don’t get wealth.  Wealth is not the amount of money you have in the bank or what you are able to spend.  Wealth is the permanent money that makes you money.

Every year you get a W2 and it shows you how much you made over the year. When this happens you have to look at how much you saved of that sum.  Just glance over your bank accounts and see what you have in reserves.  Most people have nothing to show for the thousands they made that year.  Its time to end that cycle of making and spending.

Todd Capital 

What we do at Todd Capital is we work with our clients to take their earned income and turn it into lifetime wealth.  This can be done by putting away chunks or putting away chips that build up into chunks. But I for one and tired of seeing my people look good but lack wealth.  We all look and dress and live amazing but those accounts though?  I always tell the story of the young man who came into the bank with all gold everything only to have his account get cancelled over the weekend with over drafts.  Can’t manage a bank account but he had them Js though.

This post is about making a conscious effort to take your money and set it aside never to be touched or even considered.  When I was working in banking this was the first time I was exposed to people who had money but didn’t spend it.  As ignorant as this might seem. My entire life people spent everything they made.  If you are honest you would agree that most people make money and then spend it.

Since I was working on the private wealth management side I only dealt with customers who maintained a balance of 250k or more.  I literally didn’t even deal with the average bank customer.  They wouldn’t let me.  What I learned through this was their habits, their methods, their ways.  One thing they did was they preserved their wealth and lived frugally around it.  I am here attempting to show you the ways of the wealthy so more of us in the community can rise to and overtake those levels.  I know it is possible because all things are possible.

Make the wealth permanent.  Make your money permanent.  Earn some income just for the sake of putting it aside, not improve your lifestyle or upgrading everything.  Impressing people is overrated and it rarely works.  You tend to just stir up resentment and encourage the one up.  It’s not healthy.  Instead, the culture and the community will be made better for your sacrifice.  Your kids will thank you.  Join the investment club today by emailing

Be Great,

Todd M.

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