The hidden benefits of the investment club, part 3



I just got back from a pretty cool week in Northern California that left me very inspired.  Where I was is what is called Silicon Valley which is where all the major tech companies like Apple, Google, YouTube, etc, are located.  It is amazing to be around so many huge organizations that were nothing more than an idea that someone built into a powerhouse.  That alone gave me the inspiration to keep stacking wood on the fire that is Todd Capital and all of the affiliated entities.

Todd Capital Meet Ups

While I was up north I got the chance to meet up personally with a long time member of the investment club.  During the meeting he got a chance to learn that I am a real person and not an online personality.  But we were also able to have a great conversation about investing, real estate trends and books we are both reading, while watching a great soccer match at Levi’s Stadium, home of the 49ers.  One great thing about this club is that it isn’t just local to where I live (So Cal).  That is the beauty of the internet.  The internet allows you to be local and global at the same time.



Atlanta is Next

From this, I am planning a meet up in the Atlanta area for members in the Atlanta and surrounding areas.  At this meeting we will be able to tour the investment property we are acquiring but also network among ourselves.  Following the tour we will go out to eat in Downtown Atlanta.  To those interested, plan for mid August unless I say otherwise.  I am trying to coordinate the meet up with the closing date.

Your network is your net worth

I encourage everyone to tap into this network of investment minded people to further your investment goals.  This club is composed of highly accomplished individuals with the right mindset.  That mindset is important.  A lot of us work jobs with people who make great income but don’t have the mindset of an investor or wealth builder.  This is another reason why the internet is a great tool.  It allows you to find people who believe what you believe, even if they are located in Silicon Valley, or Atlanta, or Philadelphia.  The hidden benefit of this club is the network it provides.

Future plans

As we grow and implement forums and discussion boards I want you to feel free to reach out directly to members on the one to one.  Ask questions, learn from others.  Partner up with others.  They say its not what you know but who you know.  Well, get to know the wonderful folks in this club.  If you have not yet joined and are interested, please respond to this email or email we are only going to grow more and I want you on board.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire


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