Todd Capital Book Club: JUMP, By Steve Harvey — Benefits and burdens

I am reading the book JUMP, by Steve Harvey.  The book is derived from the speech he gave about taking risks in order to become successful.  In the first chapter or so he tells a story about a lesson he learned when he went to college. Steve was the first in his family to go to college.  He was at Kent State but based on the number of units he was dropped from the school. When that happened Steve found a job working for Ford that allowed him to make $27 hour at a time when his peers were living like starving students.  What Steve shares is that at this point in his life he had the heart ache of being kicked out of college, but the new abundance from his full time work. 51Jwi9LTkPL.jpg

This is something that I also take from a sermon by Joel Osteen where he speaks on taking the bad with the good. For every good thing that happens there are usually the new problems that come with that level.  The degree comes with debt. The car comes with maintenance.  The home has a mortgage and HOA fees.

This is significant because a lot of time we let the HOA fees of life keep us from our homes.  We let the maintenance fees on a luxury car keep us from riding the way we want to ride.  The key is to learn how to strategically handle the new problems you are going to encounter as you level up instead of fearing the level up.  When you have the money for a problem you don’t have that problem.  

This might mean you have to learn how to let cash stack instead of spending every dime.  This might mean you have to hustle or learn new skills to earn more money instead of keeping up with all your favorite shows.  The person you become via the level up won’t be who you are now and who you are now might be preventing the level up.  I have found that most of the time when you stretch yourself, your means tend to catch up.  Every time I have moved I have been able to get my income up to the point where at one time it was tight, to now it is comfortable.  This is true with a mortgage. When you buy a home the mortgage payment is scary, years later it is more than manageable.  

This is most significant when it comes to ownership and investing.  For those that know me, they know that is the goal of Todd Capital.  This is the goal because that is the only way to liberate the race.  Even if it wasn’t about race, ownership is the only way you can liberate yourself.  Often times when I talk about ownership I get different reactions.  Some people can point out all the things that can go wrong (aka the burdens), taxes, payroll, inventory, liability, the list goes on and on.  I tell people all the time that those are the problems we need. If we have those problems we also have success.

Some people want the benefits but they don’t want the burdens.  I think that the solution is to take something from each of these people.  You have to create systems for the burdens that allow you enjoy the benefits and contain the burdens.  This is similar to what was discussed above.  Don’t avoid greatness because of the problems. Master the problems and enjoy the greatness.  

This comes from jumping.  The parachute that inflates are the systems.  If you try to get your parachute to open while you are still standing on the cliff, plotting and planning, it will never open.  I think that this is because there is a certain level of desperation and urgency that happens when you are in free fall following the JUMP.  I think this is why Grant Cardone is so anti business plans.  There is always something that happens that the business plan didn’t think of.  When that situation occurs, your entire business plan is knocked off track.  The problem is that so many people avoid jumping because there is no “business plan.  In reality they are just afraid of the fall. The business plan is usually their excuse.

You will never get your parachute to open the way you need it to if you are standing on the sidelines looking at other people doing it.  You will never get your chute to open afraid of responsibility.  You will if you JUMP and embrace the burdens of the fall… There is a great metaphor for this.  The parachute doesn’t change the fact that you are in the air and not on the ground.  The difference is the parachute that opened by taking action.

Owning a business or owning real estate doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have the security of a job, the difference is that you now have a parachute of reserves and staff. Nothing changes, its the same system the same people the same conditions, what changed is you took action and built a system, a parachute, around the burdens.  They never went away.

Don’t let the inevitable burdens that come with success prevent you from chasing success.  Be great, because all things are possible.

Todd Millionaire

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