Let’s all be millionaires


One thing I am realizing is that a lot of African American investors are secretive about their wealth building methods.  They let you see the stuff on IG, the cars, the watches the toys, but they aren’t willing to show you how to do it.  If they are willing to show you they want to charge you $200 per month and they damn sure aren’t going to partner with you on a deal.  We love to stunt on each other for likes.  

This post is to show you why that line of thinking is flawed.  It is flawed because there isn’t a quota on how many great black people there can be at one time.  Not when we operate in abundance.  One of my favorite ideas from Dr. Claude Anderson, author of Powernomics, is that integration and inclusion come with a quota. That quota is what creates the crab in the bucket mentality.  All the crabs are striving to be the one exceptional negro that “makes it”.  While they are doing this they are stepping on the heads of others and pushing them further down instead of helping them make it.  What if I told you that we could ALL make it?  There are no quotas when you choose yourself aka your community.

The truth is that we can all be great.  Most investors don’t want you to invest with them or near them.  They are secretive about their deals and their strategies.  This is a scarcity mindset.  An abundant mindset believe that there is no shortage of deals because there is no shortage of creativity.    Additionally, if more people know what you know in regard to real estate, it pushes up the value of what you own.  Too often I look at predominately African American areas on google maps when I am scouting out the community and it is in a neighborhood full of boarded up homes.  That is more opportunity than I can handle solo.  To some it looks like a dead end because you don’t want to be the best house in the worst neighborhood.  But to potential gentrifiers that is a gold mine.  You scoop up ALL of them and turn it into Brooklyn, DUMBO.


To get wealthy you have to believe in abundance and that there is no shortage of success.  When you act as though there is a shortage you limit the height that  you can go.

People who believe in a scarcity mentality believe that: 

  1. Victory means success at the expense of someone else.
  2. Difficulty showing happiness for the success of others including family, friends and business associates.
  3. Difficulty sharing credit, recognition, power and profit.
  4. Difficulty being a team player because differences in opinion are perceived as disloyalty.

People who believe in an abundance mentality believe that: 

  1. Victory means success that brings mutually beneficial results to all involved.
  2. Recognizes unlimited opportunities for positive growth and development.
  3. Realizes that there are three ways to do things, my way, your way and a better way.
  4. Appreciates the uniqueness of others..

Which of those lists do you think best describes the African American community as it stands?  The key is that results flow from your beliefs.  Abundance flows from a mentality of abundance and scarcity flows from a mentality of scarcity.

When we have more black investors buying up the block we can increase the value in the area.  Demand drives up value.  We have depressed values not because the areas aren’t great but because we aren’t pouring back into these areas to make them great again.  This doesn’t just have to be in the form of money.  This could be your labor, your skills, your creativity.  All of this adds value to your community and your bottom line.  As we continue to throw more into our area the values will go higher and higher.  There is no limit to how high you can go.  Once we have tapped out all the land then we start to build UP and build on top of what is there.  The amount of money is unlimited when we focus inward instead of outward.

Instead of operating as a bunch of individuals its important that we learn to come together as a movement.  We have no problem coming together for Hennypalooza or Trap Kereoke.  Lets come together for Build Up Your Community-Palooza.  Nothing hurts my heart more than seeing us throw so much money into clubs that we don’t own.  Ownership has to be the focus going forward not merely stewardship or consumption.

The key of this post is that you don’t have to keep all the game to yourself.  The more people in line with the vision the higher you can go.  Without a bunch of people willing to invest in Donald Trumps apartments there would be no Donald Trump.  They won because their apartments appreciated and he won because they bought his product.  When we work together we all win.  Lets all be millionaires.

Be great,

Todd Millionaire



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