Stop worrying about ROI and start working a strategy


Imagine leaving your wife 15 million dollars just because you were smart enough to bet on a young but proven fund manager.  That is exactly what the early investors at Berkshire Hathaway did.  BRK.A at one point in time traded for $19 dollars per share.  It now trades for over $250,000 per share.   This isn’t uncommon, Warren Buffet is just the most popular fund owner to discuss.  There are a ton of fund managers that nobody knows that made their clients millionaires.


This is because a lot of people in other communities realize the importance of investing but they also realize that investing is not their area of expertise.  It is very important to understand how and why you should invest but there is a certain level of wisdom for those who are willing to maximize how well they do their job (to maximize earned income) and give that wealth to specialized wealth builders to free them and their heirs up for life.

I am often asked the question “What is your ROI”.  After just 10 months of the investment club I would love to give you some crazy number and woo you but I can’t really give you that number.  This is in part because its too short of a time to give you an accurate assessment and because the goals of Todd Capital are much bigger than where we are now.  Our goals have been to get as many people on board as possible, build up our base of resources and to pick solid index funds and individual stocks. With that comes a return but the return is not the immediate goal. The return is a result from taking the proper actions.

I hate the ROI and Asset Under Management question because often times I get it from some jerk who has no interest in investing with our fund.  It is usually just some dude engaging in a pissing match so he can one up you.  I am not interested in competition and I am not interested in one up man ship.  I built Todd Capital to serve my people by creating generational wealth.  So silly questions about ROI and AUM, after just 10 months, are more a distraction from the larger goal which is 3-5 years away.  If you are in line with the WHY then you are a good fit. If you are looking for quick riches then Todd Capital Investment Club might not be for you. Expectation management is important when it comes to investing.


A better question is “what is your investment strategy” or “what are your long term goals”.  We are investing for wealth we are not gambling for a quick payday so we can buy a watch, car or take a vacation. Wealth lasts long so to expect to create it instantly is ridiculous.  Like Chris Rock says, there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy. You can lose riches in one summer with a bad drug habit but you can’t get rid of wealth. The goal here is to turn us into producers and owners, not large scale consumers.  The goal is to turn us into people who sign the front of the check not the back of the check.  You don’t get there constantly checking your ROI you get there by executing a strategy.

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Charles Oglesby III, JD

Todd Millionaire

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